Abu Dhabi's Oasis City of Al Ain can now find their way around a heritage

Visitors to Abu Dhabi's Oasis City of Al Ain can now find their way around a heritage and adventure trail of the emirate's second largest city thanks to a new compact, fold-out map produced by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) in consultation with its stakeholders and Al Ain Municipality. "Our new map features some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Al Ain, including the city's ancient oases with its unique falaj irrigation system and the landmark Al Jahili Fort, one of the UAE's most historic buildings," said Saeed Al Dhaheri, Tourist Information Manager, TCA Abu Dhabi.

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The first World Heritage Site in United Arab Emirates

Oasis City of Al Ain Abu DhabiAl Ain, the first city in the United Arab Emirates to make it to UNESCO's World Heritage List is one of the world's oldest, permanently inhabited settlements and now the emirate's heritage heartland. The new map has been crafted to offer self-guided orientation of the city and its diverse range of attractions.

The map features 3D representations of attractions, including the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum, Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain Paradise Park - which holds the Guinness Book of Records entry for the most hanging baskets - and the rocky heights of Jebel Hafeet, the emirate's highest peak reaching 1,240 metres.

The new heritage route connects attractions and experiences across the city encouraging visitors to explore some of Al Ain's World Heritage sites, renovated forts, palaces and museums, such as Al Qattara fort which now houses an arts centre and gallery.

Oasis City of Al Ain

More adventurous visitors can follow the entertainment route highlighting the diversity of the Oasis City, including water and adrenaline-filled activities at the action-packed Wadi Adventure aqua park, the country's only camel market, and Al Ain Zoo, which boasts over 180 species and a new hippo exhibit.

The map also offers practical information and a street plan. The new design concept will be carried forward into the first Al Gharbia map, guiding visitors through the stunning diversity of Abu Dhabi's western region.

These include island experiences,stunning beaches, and vast desert that make up over two-thirds of the emirate's landmass. Due for publication by the end of the year, detailed mapping will highlight the picturesque harbour town of Al Mirfa, the oasis city of Liwa, the maritime heritage of Delma Island and the archaeological and conservation destination of Sir BaniYas Island.

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