#889 Cape Horn, Chile

Did you know that Cape of Horn is on an island, not actually on the continent of South America? The islands of the steep mist-covered cliffs that mark the southern-most land of the area are part of the Cape Horn National Park (Parque Nacional Cabo de Hornos) at 56 degrees south, and are about as remote, even within Chile, as you can get anywhere in the world and still be a short sail away from civilization. Actually, I just discovered that the Diego Ramirez Islands are further south, but are already in the Drake Passage so not as famous! Infamous because of the rough waters, icebergs, strong winds and currents of the nearby Drake Passage, it is something ships dreaded for centuries. It was only with the opening of the Panama Canal (#920) that the passage around South America was no longer necessary, although many ships used the straights of Magellan rather than go around the tip of Tierra del Fuego anyway, because it was so difficult.

It was named after Hoorn in the Netherlands and translates to the Cape of Ovens. The Chilean navy maintains a station on island including a lighthouse.

Penang Fun Guide - A Paradise In Malaysia

A multicultural Island that has everything beaches, nature parks and beautiful weather. Panang is truly a magnificent place to visit. It has a tropical rainforest climate, which makes this place even more pleasant, sunny & warm. Only few other Malaysian Islands offer this luxury. Located on the northwest coast by the straits of Mallaca, it is heavily urbanized and is economically one of the most developed islands in Malaysia.

There are all sorts of attraction for everyone. Whether it be museums, Theaters, Water sports, Restaurants or Fun clubs, this place is always hustling and bustling. In addition, there are all sorts of festivals, Cultural events and family oriented carnivals. Tourists can enjoy live music in the night too. Other entertainments include exhibitions, traditional dances, puppetry &other great musical events.

Tourists would be surprised to know that Penang is quite renowned for its vast variety of food and is also Malaysia’s Food capital. It has one of the best Street foods in Asia. Tourists can find Chinese, Malay, Thai, Indian mix of cuisines with their signature dishes and cooking styles. The seafood is also great. So get ready for a fine dining experience of a lifetime.

Night Life & Shopping:
Malaysia’s best shopping malls are here with all sorts of Merchandise including traditional bazaars. Tourists can find locally produced stuff, electronics, textile and other consumer products. The nightlife is quite enjoyable and fascinating, which makes this place the best destination in Malaysia.

Beaches, Parks, Natural Life:
With white sand and blue water, Panang has the most famous beaches, which are at Batu, Teluk and Tanjung, which also has famed hotels, resorts and parks. One can easily say that this place is more of a little paradise and is one of the most beautiful and livable cities in Malaysia.

A Trip to Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is the leading resort destination in Malaysia since 1990s. It is a place where number of tourists comes to enjoy the clear water beaches, rugged interior and natural habitat. Everything in Langkawi has a fairy tale story attached. Mountains as a symbol of fight between brothers, kitchen utensils names are used for towns’ name and the old rice fields with a fairy tale of spurned princess.

It offers tourists everything in one place, though retailers look for good price however, it is cost efficient to use the duty free shops located in the area. Tourist can enjoy living in resort or they can go to live in the nearby jungle to enjoy the real life adventure.

A fierce competition remains between Langkawi and the Phuket (part of Thailand), and due to this there is continuous development in Langkawi, which means new things to see whenever you visit it from time to time.

Kuah Town
Most of the commercial outlets outside resorts are fond in Langkawi’s administrative center. Moneychangers can easily be found at duty free shops and around other hotels. This administrative center is the only place where banks are available.

Pantai Cenang
It can be reached from Kuah Town in few minutes and it is the popular beach in this area and gives its visitors a nightlife they can remember forever. It is one of the place where tourists their time, have fun and enjoy sightseeing.

Padang Matsira
It is a quieter beach and located near to the airport. It is a good place to see the historical sites. It also offers accommodation but it using other areas for better facilities is suggested.

Pantai Tengah
The second best beach of Langkawi is Pantai Tengah. Coastline of around two miles is covered by only these two beaches. It offers better facilities and accommodation.

Pantai Kok

It is located in the north of Langkawi and conveniently located from Sky Bridge and Seven Wells Waterfall. It is full of natural beauty and a great place to spend time with family in a quieter place.

#890 Ushuaia, Argentina

Few places in the world can claim superlatives, but many like to do it. Ushuaia's claim to fame is that it is the world's southern-most city, and there are no disputes: it's too cold here to deny it! The end of the world, and yet the gateway to the beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park and a hot cruise ship destination for both around South America cruises and for thsoe departing for Antartica.

Originally settled as a penal colony and by British missionaries, but now it is one of the best paid cities in Argentina. Sitting in front of the Martial mountains with both winter and summer sports, it is a spectacular location.

#891 Nakchivan, Azerbaijan

Nakchivan is an isolated province of Azerbaijan, but central to its heart and heritage. The president Aliyev's homeland, it is cut off from the rest of Azerbaijan by the disuputed province of Nagorno-Karabakh, currently independent/controlled by Armenia. Historically connected to the silk road and ancient Central Asian Islamic heritage, it is full of beautiful cities with typical mosques, narrow cobbled streets and mud-brick architecture. Driving as far east as is possible, right on the borders with Armenia and Iran is a town called Ordubad, which used to be an important post on the traveller´s network of towns, but now is the end of the line, slowly decaying and falling into disrepair. It has many old mosques and a fascinating covered bridge.

Nearby is an old stone bridge at Culfa, signs of the ancient travel routes that went past here.

Yusif Ibn Khaysif Mausoleum in Nakchivan city.
Nakchivan city, however, has one of the most impressive monuments of the whole area, the Momine Khatum Mausoleum built in the 1100s by Jahan Pahlavan (an Atabeg) in memory of his wife. It is beautifully  decagonal with Kufic writing and beautiful turquoise geometrical tiles. Other more humble mausoleums are hidden down back streets, no less ornate but smaller and quietly mourning. I was most impressed by the ruins of the mud brick city on the edge of town, reminicent of Turkmenistan´s Merv (#999). Such a fortification must have been impressive but is now just piles of mud!
The small town of Karabaglar also hosts an amazing mausoleum, this time with petal-like protrusions. It´s accompanying minarets offer excellent views of the countryside.

Road to Shakhbaz in Nagorno-Karabakh, now a closed border.
Historical, majestic, mountainous, beautiful, but very under-visited.

#892 Deception Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Called Deception Island by the whalers that had their base there because they said you could see it from the outside, and not know there was a massive hole and bay on the inside. They also called it deceptive because even when you in there was a bay, you'd think it would be sheltered but the wind rustling through meant that it wasn't actually as warm and safe as it appeared. The opening ¨Nelson´s Bellows¨ is around 200m wide with a large rock in the middle just below the surface, making it a dangerous entrance (the wrecks on the beach are testament to this!), and it is an active volcano, with its 1967 eruption covering much of a British base still there. A tractor was buried in the sand, the graves are well-buried, and the remains of the whaling colony and later settlements were covered with lahar. Argentina and Chile maintain a presence here, as do the penguins.

While you a no longer allowed to dig yourself a hole in the warm sulfur filtered beaches, you can still take a polar plunge there and feel moderately warmer than you might elsewhere! Chinstrap and gentoo penguins may stop on the beach while you look at the remains of the whale bones, wooden oil barrels, and metal bone boilers, and a run down barracks. The airplane hanger remains (it was the location of the first flight in Antartica), though you'll be hard pressed to find the runway, roughly sketched out on a rise as it was. Fascinating stories, and an amazing place!


Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Kuala Lumpur is an amazing travel destination in terms of modern shopping plazas, colonial districts and ancient temples all located within one city.

One can easily find 20th century attractions and sites even though this city lacks much older historic events. Visitors can go in each corner of the market using the Chinatown markets and colonial mansions.

Kuala Lumpur represents a modern city as witnessed by Petronas Tower’s twin peaks. Under the shadows of twin peaks, there are five star hotels, excellent shopping centers, restaurants and hotels to make one journey the most memorable one.

Petronas Towers

It is the most modern landmark of Kuala Lumpur and the world’s tallest towers in the recent past. These twin towers are visible from all parts of the city having a height of approx. 1500 feet. Visitors can use the suspension bridge, Sky Bridge, located on 41st floor between the twin towers.

Museum of Islamic Arts

For the lovers of artifacts and art, Islamic Arts Museum is one place, which they cannot miss. It has vast collection Islamic arts from around the world. Visitors at this museum always enjoy the miniature and Ottoman room and also get a chance to buy some artworks offered the gift ships or at different exhibitions conducted here or to eat delicious buffet at Middle Eastern restaurant.

Petaling Street

Petaling Street is one of the most crowded streets with the liveliest people at every corner. From morning until dusk, it remains filled with vendors, shoppers, peddlers, diners and people watchers.

National Museum

It is a great place to visit to see 1000+ arts and artifacts in this museum. The emphasis of this museum is to show its visitors the development of Kuala Lumpur after post-colonial events and to represent the Malaysia’s lifestyle, history and arts to new generation.

Lake Gardens

It is a park, which served the elite of colonial era in Kuala Lumpur and gives them a place to enjoy the natural beauty of this city. It is located on picturesque lake and has an area of around 230 acres. It is one of the places where locals and visitors visit to enjoy, have fun and to come out of the busy city life.

How to Find a Budget Hotel in Bangkok

At the time when you want to travel to Bangkok Thailand for selling or for just enjoyment, you are possibly going to be searching for the simple hotels price in Bangkok if you want a budget hotel in Bangkok. 

For this process the numerous ways you can go, actually you have to wait until you acquire to Bangkok and balance prices on an interrupt basis and also you can easily book a hotel room through web. Lots of people will not desire to risk traveling around a strange city and expect they can discover a room with secure, low and reasonably priced. There are some tips for you for getting the hotel room in Bangkok at low and simple budget.

For searching a budget hotel in Bangkok, the initial step is determining the top position for your stay. There are several areas in Bangkok such as Sukhumvit, Ratchadapisek, Bangna Trad, Riverside, Siam/Silom and Ramkhamhaeng are the major areas. In these places you can find so many hotel rooms where people take at rent. For staying at Bangkok you can get a room only for $50 or less at daily basis. 

For transportation in Bangkok the (BTS), mean the sky train is an extremely well-liked mode and it will offer you access to the majority of the city rapidly, at any time even at rush hours as well. You have to stay near BTS hotels, but if you can not stay near it, you can select for traveling the (MRT) transport line. For three days on the MRT, you can get unlimited transportation for only $10 or less then price range.

Europeans and Americans are not bargaining over price; but Thailand is almost expected in Bangkok. There are different prices hotel rooms in Thailand. For a low rate Negotiating is not that hard, you should just request about any special room rates or can ask for discounts. Also, you can get a corporate discount if you are a businessman and has a card. Just show your business card and you will surely get a wonderful discount as you demand.

Before booking it is vital to find out all you can concern a hotel. For saving some money you absolutely do not want to finish up with a second-rate room. For getting this information about good hotels, online reviews are best for you. You have to read that reviews, take a little bit time on it before making any decision. Do not read one or two reviews. Just read all so that you can find the better quality room and good services in Bangkok in your budget.

Online Booking
Online booking is the best way to get your desire room. There are lots of web sites through which you can get a room in low or high cost. Through online you can see all the rates and chose best room in a low price. Via online booking, you can see mostly hotels room pictures openly that are attached at webpage.

The Best Hotel Deals
At the time of dealing, remember always to be respectful with agents and clerks. You will obtain high quality and classic rooms in normal rates if your dealing is perfect and honorable.

Visit Bangkok to Rejuvenate Yourself

With the development of technology we are moving so quickly through life, that we gradually forget the true importance of our health. With a sudden outburst of vehicles and numerous machines that tend to pollute the air, we are constantly putting ourselves at risk. And to top it all off, other than the all too expected pollution in the air, we tend to enjoy food sold by street vendors amongst all that dust and smoke. Stress in our life is yet another factor that is making us old, pulling us towards our grave. Almost every morning we find it extremely hard to fit in clothes we bought last month, we find all our eye creams are of no good when it comes to covering the puffiness under our eyes and the dark circles. However what we lack in everyday life is some routine exercises and a good healthy diet in order to stay fit. But alongside taking care of your body, I feel that you should also pay special attention to your mind. That is one should also strive to attain absolute mental peace. In order to do so, every one of us needs a break from our grinding routines every now and then. The reasons why many around the globe take refugee in places where they can experience some peace of mind, there are also those who strive to make sure that people who work around the clock do get the opportunity to relax and unwind. Travel agencies constantly provide their customers with holiday packages to exotic destinations which have the right kind of spa’s and provide the best solutions for you’re stressed out condition. One of such places in Bangkok, and many believe that with its famous spa centers, there is no better place to help you rejuvenate your true self other than the land of the spiritual monks. Bangkok provides you with the ultimate experience to help gain back your true easy going self. All you have to do is travel light, pack a small overall fit to carry your clothes for a good tan on beach, book an economy flight, and prepare yourself to be treated like business class.
Being the Capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is renowned for its ability unwind a troubled mind, help those relax who haven’t felt themselves relax in a very long time. It is known for it’s clear waters, it’s warm sunny beaches and numerous yoga spots. Moreover with monks roaming about the city it is also recognized for its perfect gold temples overflowing with fresh beautiful orchids. Apart from that the city also has a bunch of water parks which will help you relax and get your life back on track. Being relaxed about your work and life on the whole will allow you to be successful in every walk of life.
Usually airlines offer cheap rates for travel to Bangkok so money wont be much of a problem for you to travel. Booking tickets in advance will give you the added advantage of being able to get the seats of your choice, moreover you can also take on connecting flights which will be much cheaper as compared to a direct flight to Bangkok. Since the city itself is another one of the world’s famous tourism spots, you are bound to have an excellent time especially when you go with friends and family. There are numerous tourist spots built specifically for the travelling soul, places like Siam Water World, Grand Palace, Floating Market and many other like such are the places to be during your holiday.
If you are more of the spiritual kind, you will especially enjoy the religious temples built around the city. There are numerous packages which will take you to all the religious temples in Bangkok giving you the opportunity to take a closer glimpse at the golden statues, especially the ones of Buddha. Going on this particular tour you will get to have a much closer look at the true teachings and the nature of Buddhism. If you don’t want to go on the ultimate tour of spirituality, you have many other packages with which you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Thailand. Your hotel services might also offer you honeymoon packages for the newly weds. There are also available eudcational packages for students and such.    
Once equipped with your beach wear, you can visit exotic beaches around Bangkok such like Pattaya, Khao Takiab and Koh Talu. You can just lie about and enjoy the clear blue waters and fresh grainy sand. A form of natural skin exfoliation really.
If you lean more towards the lazy side, and don’t feel like spending too much time hunting for the best destinations, holiday packages can come in handy. You can just pick one best suitable to your needs and you personal guide will do the rest for you. You can arrange from a guide from your agent in your home country. You can talk to the agent about the kind of tour you expect and the budget you are willing to invest, he will then arrange for you the best possible options you can take on. The agent can also get you the hottest deals and discounts on accommodation.
Bangkok offers you a variety of living options, for instance you can live at a hotel, a resort or even a penthouse. The tour packages that your agent will show you are made to ensure that your visit is free of all worries and you get to participate in plenty of activities that will help you relax your nerves. Bangkok also offers travel services for tourists around the city, you can hire a cab for an entire day, or even for your entire trip, yes it is bound to add up to your costs, but it is absolutely worth it.
Apart from being the perfect vacation destination, Bangkok is also fit a for a shopping spree. It has the perfect malls and shopping destinations catering to the fashion elites. Apart from that if you genuinely feel fascinated with food; you will feel absolutely pleased by the various cuisines that Bangkok has to offer. Having such popular beaches and sea sides, Bangkok is also famous for it’s sea food, therefore it practically a sea food lover’s haven.
Bangkok is one locality on the face of the earth that you will want to visit again and again. Where it helps you relax, it is also the perfect vacation spot. It is one of the most beautiful places, with such scenic spots that it is the perfect place to get rid of all the stress from work. It is the perfect place to be when you are trying to break a monotonous routine. So it is about time you hop onto a flight en route to Bangkok and enjoy the true beauty of Thailand.

Dubai - The Lively Oasis of The Middle East

All the people and travelers visiting Dubai should keep it in mind that the city is generally warm and hot. Even in the ‘winter’ months, which starts from December and end on March, the city is warm. But during this time, Dubai Shopping Festival takes place that happens to be a paradise for Shopaholics. Not only that, people from all around the world visit the great city just to attend this festival.  The festival first took place in 1996 and was planned by the government of Dubai. At first it was a small festival, but now it has turned out to be a shopping, ethnic extravaganza, and amusement that takes place annually. Millions of people come to attend the festival and therefore, encouraging sightseeing of Dubai. Airline companies help the people by reducing air fares to Dubai. The festival entertains all types of crowds: musics lovers, adventure or sports lovers and even families on a visit.

Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival – festival exclusively for jazz lovers. It is arrange annually in February for 9 days. The jazz lovers are given the chance to enjoy themselves in the concert of jazz singers such as Jason Mraz, James Blunt and Morrison. The festival features shows that are shown live and performances in the streets that goes on for nine days non-stop.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature- the festival features books that are on display and put on sale. The feature is also known by the name “first literature festival”. Visitors attending the festival can enjoy at the workshop classes related to literature that are open for everyone.

Tate of Dubai – the festival takes place annually from 8th March to 10th March. The festival occupies Dubai Media City’s amphitheater. The tickets to the festival are easily available on-spot. It starts from 10 a.m. and end after 12 hours, at 10 p.m. People visiting the festival can view live performances in Taste Chef Theater and also, they can learn new ways of cooking from the Taste Cookery School. In each day of the festival, people can enjoy themselves smoking the traditional Shisha placed in the traditional Arabian atmosphere at the Taste Shisha Lounge. 

Dubai Football 7s – the event takes place at the start of March. In this event, football players come together to form teams and play matches on Fridays and Saturdays. During The Sevens, public and spectators can enjoy themselves with the entertainment shows during the game. Airline companies have arranged special cheap air fares so that matches can be watched live with ease.

The Chill Out Festival and Emirates International Peace Music Festival– Even though both of these festivals have different style of music, they are enjoyed by everyone and are famous in whole Middle East. The festivals take place in March and April. In the Peace Music Festival, people can enjoy listening to Music played by young experts who do a really good job. At Center Point Theater, one can listen to orchestras. As for the Chill Out Festival, it is for the young people and teenagers as famous DJs are invited and they entertain the crowd at Palm Jumeirah.

The festivals and events in Dubai do not end here. Dubai is a world famous city and is a home to some of the world famous personalities. In Dubai, events go on throughout the year that is related to sports, fashion, music and much more. So all that is needed is to pack the bags and book a cheap ticket to Dubai which their government is offering.

Three Great Singapore Attractions

Singapore is a small country built on a small island and with the passage of time is able to attract tourists from around the world. It has a fascinating history and is a blend of many cultures. Food is legendary in Singapore with 24hr coffee shops and on street hawker centres offering reasonable food from all parts of Asia. In past years, there were some restrictions to follow regarding social activities and drinking but now these restrictions have also loosened up and now you can dance on bartops, do bungee jumping but alcohol is very expensive and you can purchase chewing gum only from a pharmacy.  When you visit Singapore, do check the following three shopping attractions of Singapore:

Haji Lane
If you are interested in shopping, then Haji Lane is the right choice for you because it is well-known for its designer clothing. Most of these outlets are recently established, mostly opened last year. Haji Lane has a lot to offer its visitors along with other independent retailers who display some latest fashion products. 

The Chinatown Heritage Centre
If you want to learn about Singapore’s history, you must visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre. This enthralling centre is designed in a manner that it displays late 19th century and early 20th century scenes in a movie style, ranging from a public street to domestic scenes. This set gives a visitor chance to compare traditional Singapore with modern amenities that it offers.

Cheap electronics
Singapore is known worldwide to attract gadget fans with some awesome deals  and items on sale. 

These are just three basic shopping attractions when you visit Singapore. The city has a lot to offer when you visit it especially the landscape is breathtaking. So next time you are planning your vacations, visit to Singapore is a must.

Cheap Singapore Hotels

Singapore is the best tourist intention amongst the Asian countries. In the world, it is famous for being a beautiful country. In the city, there are lots of thrilling attractions for tourist. Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands Night Safari, Casino, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Island and Zoological Garden, all are the well-known areas in Singapore. Another cause for attracting lots of tourists yearly to Singapore is the extensive variety of ethnic food.

In beautiful Singapore, there are so many hotels ranging from comfortable budget hotels to 5 to 6 Star hotels. Some people are preferred to live in low budget hotels that cannot pay more for staying. It is a good idea to live in low cost hotels because they are also comfortable and keep all safeties and provide full enjoyment with swimming pool and dance bar. 

You have to take notice if you want to search for cheap and well hotels in Singapore.

Albert Court Village Hotel
Located in the heart of Singapore, near the temple of Sri Veeramakaliamman. All 210 rooms are available via exterior corridors. The hotels are offering with the room the coffee makers, telephone, newspapers, television and newspapers. Good thing is that extra beds can also be arranged in this hotel.

Harbour Ville Hotel
Harbour Ville Hotel is positioned close to the Vivo City. This is a very classical and vast shopping mall. If you need to stay the Sentosa Island, from Vivo City you can easily take the service of the express bus. There are 100 guest rooms of Harbour Ville Hotel, and all rooms are well furnished. Also it is prepared with all the facilities like televisions, sparked bathrooms, coffee makers, beautiful curtains and wonderful full size bed. Moreover, wake-up calls parlor system with hair dryers are offered as well.

Landmark Village Hotel
It is a 3-Star hotel. This is perfect if you like shopping and is placed near to the Bugis Street Shopping District and Sultan Mosque. This is the big hotel and it has 393 rooms with 18 floors. The rooms have the standard facilities and fully equipped. At the hotel there is a bar and a restaurant. Moreover during limited times room service is available.

You have to research via online for staying in hotels, because it is not easy for getting the right hotel in the simple budget. The lots of websites are available for giving you complete information for these well furnished and perfect hotels.