Church finds spot in world heritage 3D database

Church finds spot in world heritage 3D database: landmark Saskatoon church is finding a home among some of the world’s top heritage sites.

Third Avenue United Church

Third Avenue United ChurchThird Avenue United Church is the first Canadian building being added to the CyArk digital world heritage database.The digital preservation of the church was done by a laser scan courtesy of engineering firm Stantec that produces an exact 3D record of the building by capturing every square milimetre.

The church is among 100 major world historical landmarks in the online archive. CyArk projects the Saskatoon building will receive 100,000 web hits per year from cultural heritage fans around the world.

The digital was made possible by a partnership between Stantec, Tourism Saskatoon, CyArk and the Third Avenue Centre, a local group hoping to preserve the church and transform the building into a cultural centre.

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Third Avenue United Church Inside View
Third Avenue United Church

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