Three Great Singapore Attractions

Singapore is a small country built on a small island and with the passage of time is able to attract tourists from around the world. It has a fascinating history and is a blend of many cultures. Food is legendary in Singapore with 24hr coffee shops and on street hawker centres offering reasonable food from all parts of Asia. In past years, there were some restrictions to follow regarding social activities and drinking but now these restrictions have also loosened up and now you can dance on bartops, do bungee jumping but alcohol is very expensive and you can purchase chewing gum only from a pharmacy.  When you visit Singapore, do check the following three shopping attractions of Singapore:

Haji Lane
If you are interested in shopping, then Haji Lane is the right choice for you because it is well-known for its designer clothing. Most of these outlets are recently established, mostly opened last year. Haji Lane has a lot to offer its visitors along with other independent retailers who display some latest fashion products. 

The Chinatown Heritage Centre
If you want to learn about Singapore’s history, you must visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre. This enthralling centre is designed in a manner that it displays late 19th century and early 20th century scenes in a movie style, ranging from a public street to domestic scenes. This set gives a visitor chance to compare traditional Singapore with modern amenities that it offers.

Cheap electronics
Singapore is known worldwide to attract gadget fans with some awesome deals  and items on sale. 

These are just three basic shopping attractions when you visit Singapore. The city has a lot to offer when you visit it especially the landscape is breathtaking. So next time you are planning your vacations, visit to Singapore is a must.

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