Smart Travel Tips When Flying

Before taking a flight, there are number of things you can do to ensure a more cheerful journey. Here are some travel tips to make your journey comfortable, safer and more enjoyable.Always reach airport ahead of time, to avoid unnecessary troubles. Better to leave early.There are number of airliners to choose. Take a glance at airline quality ratings, compare the service, comfort and timeliness, and then choose the best one. After the choosing the flight, check out for best seats depending on your preferences. You should always check the status of your flight, before you leave.

Check once when you purchase your ticket under the same name that shows on your ID. A security officer or desk agent may ask you to show ID with name before boarding. Check clearly foreign document requirements. Some countries need Visa to entry and some countries need two blank, unstamped pages on your passport. Double check your boarding pass and ID which are very essential, keep them in a place where it is easy to access.

Discuss meal options with booking agent before you fly. If you require special diet or vegetarian meal airline will make adjustments. The most important task of your trip is plan with packing. Always pack light and compact. Keep some portable wet napkins to refresh yourself. If you are travelling for long hours, you may get stiff neck from sleeping. Take comfortable neck rest, to avoid stiff neck.
Always carry some reading material with you like a magazine, book and newspaper etc. You can also bring some portable music players with you. Listening to music can be relaxing. You may run out of batteries in less than one to two hours, so make sure that you have monster portable power cord with USB. Always carry some dry snacks or few energy bars in your bag. Avoid rush hours and peak-travel periods. Better to take non stop flights.
Make sure that you are not carrying scissors, sharp objects, files and any other items in your bag. Be prepared to take out your belt, shoes, watch and any other substantial metal. According to Transportation Safety Administration dangerous chemicals, firearms and explosives are banned. Airport parking can be very expensive and frustrating. If you are not prepared, you may miss flights.
Flight security will not allow you to take liquid through security checkpoint. Make sure that you are not travelling with beverages, liquid deodorant, lotion, aerosols, toothpaste, lip gloss and much more. Many people pack these items in carry-on-bags and do not consider this fact that they are not allowed. They can be traced out through x-ray machine.

Try to speak with your neighbour. Introduce yourself to others know their lifestyle , culture and tradition. If you have babies or kids, carry portable toys that they can play. Some airlines may provide some don’t. If you wear contact lenses, try to avoid them, because air conditioning will dry your eyes. Your luggage should look different from others. If you want you can put some funky stickers or patches.

Avoid drinking beverage items like tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and caffeinated drinks which will dehydrate your body. Due to cabin pressure and high altitude, you may feel some discomfort. Drink two glass of water to stay hydrated before and after the meal. Try to eat what you desire, but do not eat heavy. Be the last to board. It is easy to find out where all the empty spaces are located.

After arriving at your destination, find your bag. Check your luggage before you are leaving airport. If any damage is there, you can claim them.If you are booking tickets through credit card, Make sure that you have payment protection insurance with it. If any mischief happens, you can apply for ppi claims.

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