SWAMP Manchac

Manchac SWAMP is one of the sights including the extreme categories and creepy. This site is becoming a favorite among lovers of gothic nuance.
Here there is a tree with human-like form of swamps, seen at night. And it would be scarier if you travel at night, because these nuances is then no wonder then an adventure tour company called Old River Plantation Adventure to provide package tours through the wetlands, both day and night. But be careful if you want to spend the night in the swamp. Because the crocodiles that live in them could be lurking.

Sonora Witchcraft Market

Sonora Witchcraft Market is a market in Mexico is not like the market generally. Because these markets can be regarded as the market wizards. This is where shamans and magicians provide services to predict and cast spells for luck, of course, by paying in advance.

Not just that alone. but in this market are also sold curiosities for luck, like the blood of poisonous snakes, birds, dry herbs from Astek tribe, until the statue of Buddha. Until the time the Presidential election were this place is very reliable, because in general was asked to cast a spell to free and fair elections.

Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon is also known as Chuuk is a charming tourist attractions and thrilling at the same time for divers. This place is situated in the middle of the sea at 7 degrees north latitude, northern New Guinea. In this place there are shipwrecks rest of Japan's World War II. Like the shipwreck, when divers entered the vessel, will be found so many soldiers items such as gas masks, glasses, and clothing.

This area consists of 11 large islands (corresponding to 11 cities from Truk lagoon, a Toll, Udot, Fala-Beguets, Missal, and the EOT of Faichuk group, and Moen, Fefan, Dublon, Uman, Param, and Tsis from Namoneas group) and 46 are smaller in the lagoon, plus 41 on the fringing reef, and is known today as the islands of Chuuk, part of the American Federation of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean.

And on April 12, 2011, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Program "Foreign Correspondent" filtered reports of Chuuk Lagoon likening the effects of major releases will come from the tens of thousands of tons of oil from Japanese warships rusted into coral reefs of the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. The ship is classified as a Japanese war grave, which requires the involvement of Japanese government at the end of the clean-up.

Mutter Museum

Mutter Museum is a medical museum located in the Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It contains a collection of medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models, and antique medical equipment. This museum is part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Museum holds a large collection of body parts and human organs, the original! There are parts of the human head is preserved, there is the longest frame in North America, there were 2000 organ or body parts taken from a human throat. There are still display a human face made ​​of wax, which shows some kind of eye injuries. Mutter Museum famous for Skull Collection Hyrtl and other anatomical specimens including a wax model of a woman with horns growing out of his forehead along with a mold candles some conditions untreated head; highest frame currently on display in North America; intestinal nine-foot-long human containing more than 40 pounds of dirt which was originally derived from human action spectacle called the Balloon, and the body soap Lady, a corpse turns himself into a substance called soap adipocere better known as grave wax.


Bhangarh is a ruined town in Alwar district of Rajasthan state, India, on the edge of the Sariska Tiger Reserve is famous for its historical ruins. Travelers will feel the sensation of a holiday other than normal, because we will be able to feel the unique and spooky.

Rumored that the city is full of mystery, a place haunted, in fact, are the ruins of an ancient fort area is a popular destination for holiday weekends. It is said that the rumors that haunt started by local villagers who frighten visitors and their loot.

The legend that had circulated saying that the city was cursed by Guru Bhangarh Balu Nath causing evacuation of the city. There is one ambitious offspring raised to a height of the palace, but instead kemunduruan obtained, until the city was finally destroyed. Places buried Balu Nath due to the current ruler's ambitions, kono still there.

"Staying here after sunset is strictly prohibited," strictly forbidden to live in this city after sunset, the smells of the warning message reads. Instead, visitors can stay in super luxury resort Amanbagh located about 10 km from Bhangarh.

Jakarta Tower

Jakarta Tower is a new tower under construction in Indonesia, precisely in the capital Jakarta, at New Bandar Kemayoran area. The tower has a height of about 558 meters and is planned to be completed in 2012. And when the tower was completed later, the tower will be entered into the ranks of tallest buildings in the world. That would defeat the height of the towers of the world high, such as:

    * Canadian National Tower (553 meters), Toronto, Canada
    * Ostankino Tower (540 meters), Moscow, Russia
    * Oriental Pearl Tower (468 meters), Shanghai, China, and
    * Petronas Twin Towers (452 ​​meters), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jakarta Tower will be built in an area of ​​306,810 square meters. The building itself will be an area of ​​40,550 square meters with a height of 558 meters. Has three legs that will rise to a height of 500 meters. Each cylindrical feet, 13.2 meters in diameter. Two of them contain each of the three lifts with a speed of 7 meters per second. The third leg of eight special elevators for visitors. In this building there are 10 units of elevators / lifts. To further stabilize it, stuck with the foundation of the tower 80 meters in diameter to depths of 58 meters below ground.

And the following facilities that will complement those of the Jakarta Tower:

    * The parking lot area of ​​144,000 square meters
    * House podium as high as 17 floors.
    * Lift to reach the top of the tower
    * Restaurant rotating
    * Big Mal
    * Cafe
    * Amusement park
    * Museum of the history of Indonesia
    * Hotel
    * Multi-purpose room / conference that can accommodate ten thousand visitors
    * Space-office space of 8000 square meters
    * Center exhibition
    * Center for education and training
    * Multimedia center with radio and television broadcast transmitters
    * Center for trade and business
    * Sports Center

Amazon River

Amazon River is a river which is the world's second longest river after the Nile in Africa. River located in South America has the greatest total flow of any river, lbih of the Mississippi River, the Nile, and Yangtze combined. And this river has the largest peraliran system and considered "the strongest" when viewed from the amount of water flowing per second.

The amount of freshwater released into the Atlantic Ocean is enormous: 184,000 m³ per second (6.5 million ft ³) in the rainy season. Amazon's flow is one-fifth of the total fresh water entering the sea around the world. The water in the sea near the river has a low salt content up to hundreds of miles away.

Kono when talking about the Amazon River, the local folklore that evolved was made ​​of the former river flows in a giant snake named Sucuriju Gigante. Sucuriju Gigante was a giant anaconda is said to live in the amazon. Differences with ordinary anaconda that are 10 meters, said sucuriju can reach lengths of 40 meters!. With a diameter of 80 cm and weighing 5 tons, he can wound and destroy a truck with a single convolution. According to the amazon native tribe, sucuriju this is the creator of the Amazon river which is said when heavy rains created a mud Gigante dimana2 out the largest ever.

Not only that, but Amazon River said to be filled by terrible creatures, such as piranhas, Pirarucu / Arapaima, Catfish Amazon, an anaconda, Electric Eels, Candiru, Frog Toxic, Toxic Caterpillars, Tyrannobdella Rex, Crocodile.

Hand of Harmony

Hand of Harmony is a statue of a very interesting and remarkable. The statue is located on the beach Homigot in North Korea. Created in 1999, and made of bronze and granite. This statue is a symbol of "the struggle and the spirit of all the Koreans to pursue a better life".

Monumento al Ahogado

Monumento al Ahogado a sculpture that is very captivating and terrifying. Ptung is shaped five-finger partially submerged in the sand. This place is situated in Parada 1 at Brava Beach in Punta del Este, Uruguay. This is the famous statue that has become a symbol for the Punta del Este since the completion in February 1982, and in turn has become one of Uruguay's most recognized landmarks.

Mano de Desierto

Mano de Desierto is a statue as high as 11 meters with a very unique shape, namely a very large hand-shaped. The statue is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, 75 km to the south of the city of Antofagasta, on the Panamerican Highway.

The statue was built by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level, with a combination of iron and cement. The statue was financed by the Corporacion Pro Antofagasta, a local booster organization, and was inaugurated on March 28, 1992.