Roswell Incident

Roswell is a city in Chaves County in southeastern New Mexico, USA. The population is 45,199, fifth largest in New Mexico. The city is a center of agriculture, dairy, ranching, distribution, and production of petroleum.

In the 1930's, Roswell is the place of Robert Goddard's rocket experiments. Roswell is also the hometown of actress Demi Moore, musician John Denver, and jockey Mike E. Smith. Golfer Nancy Lopez grew up here, although born in California. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, sixth man on the moon, went to school here.
Roswell is most famous for the Roswell UFO incident in 1947, although the crash site located 75 miles from Roswell, and closer to Corona. However, investigations conducted by the Roswell Army Air Field. Allegedly a spaceship extra-terrestrial and its foreign residents. Since the late 1970s the incidence has been the subject of intense controversy and conspiracy theories about the true nature of falling objects. United States Armed Forces stated that what was recovered was debris from a high altitude surveillance balloon belonging to an experimental program is classified named "Mogul", but many UFO proponents maintain that the alien craft was found and arrested the occupants, and that the military then engaged in a cover up. The incident has turned into a pop culture phenomenon is widely known, making a name synonymous with the Roswell UFO. It ranks as the most publicized and controversial of the alleged UFO incident.

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