Mystery of the Leaning Tower of Pizza Italia

Leaning Tower of Pizza is located in a small town called Pisa, exactly three hundred and fifty miles north of Rome, the capital iItalia.

Pisa no different from small towns in Italy. The houses with typical architecture of Europe, lined on both sides of the road. Among the row of houses, there are shops and pizzerias, restaurants that specialize in serving pizza, Italian specialties, or gelateria, a place to enjoy Italian ice cream, which is famous for delicious.

But upon entering the gates of Santa Maria, then feel that this place is not the usual place. This gate has a wall of medieval architectural style. In front of him stretched the green grass field.
On top of this grass, stand three buildings of marble, Baptistery, Cathedral and Leaning Tower, the trio is a monumental building, built over three centuries. Piazza Dei Miracoli become a phenomenon in the history of Italian art. Fruit of sensitivity and taste the original, which was then called the Roman style of Pisa.

The first building is the Baptistery. Hemispheric-shaped building, the architect has experienced several changes during the construction process. Started in 1153 by architect Diotisalvi. Recently completed construction of the Baptistery in the late 13th century.

On the right there is the Cathedral Church Baptistery. This building was built in 1063, by Buscheto. In 1118, the church berasitektur Pisa, ordained by Pope Gelasius II.

The most prominent monument in Piazza Dei Miracoli, the Leaning Tower (Pisa / Pizza). The tower was built in 1173, by Bonanno.
When only reached the third floor, the construction of the tower of Pisa has to stop. This is caused by soil sediment resulting in the slope of the building.
Work on the building began again a century later, by Giovanni In Simone, who tried to fix the tower of the slope. Simone build a tower to complete the sixth floor. Cylindrical tower of Pisa. On each floor, the building is surrounded by pillars columns.
At its peak, there is a bell tower, built by Tommaso, in the mid-14th century. Seven bells in the spire, the sounds corresponding scales of seven notes.
To reach it, visitors must climb 294 steps, which surrounds the building. Hallway stairs are not too wide, just enough for two people. Because of skew, visitors feel the sensation, as if the body was tilted position.
Each year, the tower of Pisa grew slanting one millimeter. Then on January 6, 1990, the leaning tower was closed to the public. Since then, efforts to reduce the slope of the tower continues. The various methods tried, but not all succeed.
Tower of Pisa reopened to the public in November 2001. Since then, tourists do not stop visiting this monument. Especially in the summer, when tourists do not just admire the leaning tower, but also basking in the hot sun.

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