Amazon River

Amazon River is a river which is the world's second longest river after the Nile in Africa. River located in South America has the greatest total flow of any river, lbih of the Mississippi River, the Nile, and Yangtze combined. And this river has the largest peraliran system and considered "the strongest" when viewed from the amount of water flowing per second.

The amount of freshwater released into the Atlantic Ocean is enormous: 184,000 m³ per second (6.5 million ft ³) in the rainy season. Amazon's flow is one-fifth of the total fresh water entering the sea around the world. The water in the sea near the river has a low salt content up to hundreds of miles away.

Kono when talking about the Amazon River, the local folklore that evolved was made ​​of the former river flows in a giant snake named Sucuriju Gigante. Sucuriju Gigante was a giant anaconda is said to live in the amazon. Differences with ordinary anaconda that are 10 meters, said sucuriju can reach lengths of 40 meters!. With a diameter of 80 cm and weighing 5 tons, he can wound and destroy a truck with a single convolution. According to the amazon native tribe, sucuriju this is the creator of the Amazon river which is said when heavy rains created a mud Gigante dimana2 out the largest ever.

Not only that, but Amazon River said to be filled by terrible creatures, such as piranhas, Pirarucu / Arapaima, Catfish Amazon, an anaconda, Electric Eels, Candiru, Frog Toxic, Toxic Caterpillars, Tyrannobdella Rex, Crocodile.


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