Valdaro is not a strange place or a tourist, but here becomes a place that is interesting and remarkable. Because in this place was found there two early human fossils are hugging each other.

Pair of framework this warm embrace each other, making herasn everyone who sees it. Archaeologists estimate that this framework has been buried a pair of approximately 5000-6000 years in the underground! hugs for 5,000 years is not only surprising archaeologists, and even the world community. To maintain this style arms, scientists had not yet decided to separate the pieces of skeleton. "We will continue to maintain their stance as long as it is hugging each other." So said Irena Mannorti archaeologist who discovered a pair of this framework. After the skeleton was removed, scientists will investigate further to a pair of lovers who embrace each other is eternal. Furthermore, the framework will be stored in national museums of Italy.

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