Mill Ends Park

Mill Ends Park in Portland, Oregon, United States, is a small park created on Day St. Patrick, 1948, to become a colony of leprechauns and snail races locations. This structure is the smallest park in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, which first gave the award in 1971. "Garden" is a circle along the two-foot (610 mm) with total area 452 in ² (0.2916 m²) in the traffic median which in 1948 became the site devoted to a lamppost. When the lamp fails to be implanted in the place and messing digging weeds, Dick Fagan, a writer for the Oregon Journal, planted flowers at the pole hole and named it according to the column in the paper, "Mill Ends".

The park is equipped with some unusual items over the years including a swimming pool for butterflies (complete with diving equipment) and the miniature Ferris wheel (plus a water faucet with regular size). So actually the highlights of this park is its size and completeness that is in the mini park, and coupled with a world record as the smallest garden, a garden is Jointed to give in appreciation.

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