Museum Komodo

Museum Komodo displays a rare charm in the form of preserved animals and reptiles live. Architecture of the building takes the form of dragons, animals that live only on Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, stands on an area of ​​10,120 m² with a building area of ​​1500 m².

Reptile park that presents a collection of live reptiles is built around the museum building on April 20, 2001. Visitors can recognize these unique animals one by one starting from the Komodo dragon, lizard, lizards, snakes with legs, python, king cobra, turtle, turtle neck snakes, crocodiles turtles, frogs, crocodiles, iguanas and other reptiles. Children who have a sense of curiosity more and always want to hold can hold and mingle freely with the python in the Garden Tap.


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