World's Largest Tree House

World's Largest Tree House was located in the U.S. state, exactly owned by a resident in Crossville named Horace Burgess. High house reaches 97 meter tower to the sky, which is supported by a white oak tree, with a high 80-foot diameter and 12 feet.
Six other trees grown as a castle tower. This magnificent house has 80 rooms and 20 veranda, overlooking the gap and staircase. Built of wood used, this building stands in rural areas, but has attracted many people from all over the country.

 Treehouse has 10 floors, an average of nine to 11 feet high and wide between 8,000 to 10,000 square feet. And on it there is a bell tower weighing 5700 pounds, comes with 10 bottles of oxygen-acetylene refill the bell.
Apparently this house can also be a tourist spot for people. Approximately 400 to 500 people visited during the week, most of them from outside the country and most of them heard of this special home from mouth to mouth.

Horace Burgess tree house will soon get into the Guinness book of records, but before that Burgess should provide measurements of every inch of his tree house, a difficult task but it sure will get it done with the help of his friends who volunteered their time.

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