Houses Domes / Dome

Houses Domes / Dome is one of the houses are very unique in the world. The house is also often referred to by locals as the home Teletubies. The shape of this house is unique, round shape, and is above the 6x6 sized building with two bedrooms and a kitchen, with walls made ​​of concrete and ceramic flooring uses.

This house is actually a donation from the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Wango) with a single donor Muhammad Ali Alabar. Ali Alabar, is the owner of Emaar Properties of Dubai, Uni Arab Emirates. The house was deliberately made ​​to people who had lost his house due to earthquake and natural disasters that occurred in Yogyakarta - Indonesia.
If the day this house will be very cool at all because the flow of air that flows plus heat-reflecting concrete, not as if the night. That said, if the night, the house is no longer cool. To that end, the concrete roof, make a kind of NGO Wango chimney for air circulation.

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