Nami Island - The Island of Beautiful and Romantic

Nami Island is located in the city of Chuncheon-si, Gwangwon-do Province, South Korea. With a bus ride from Seoul, this tiny island could be reached for 1.5 hours until arriving at Pier Gapyeong. The journey then spliced ​​with the ferry, crossed the Han River for 10 minutes.
Nami island formed by the true construction of the Lake Cheongpyeong (1943), which makes it separate from the mainland.

When autumn comes, the island will feel very beautiful and really romantic. The leaves on the trees turn color to yellow, brown, and red. In some locations, the trees are so high reaching the sky is embedded neatly shaded paths. The trees were lined up so straight as when planted with the help of a ruler.

Since six years ago until now, that this simple island flooded local and foreign tourists. All this thanks to a phenomenal love drama titled Winter Sonata (Gyeoul yeonga, 2002), a crazy young people in various countries in Asia. KBS television show soap opera that takes Nami Island as a backdrop for several scenes of romantic couples Kang Jun-sang (Bae Yong-jun) and Jung Yu-jin (Choi Ji-woo). And since it's soap opera craze in Korea and other countries in Asia, Nami Island became a favorite tourist destination. Tourists who visited Nami Island was none other than a pilgrimage destination for style love Winter Sonata.

One popular locations, namely the long sandy road on the shores of lake shaded by birch trees. That's where the scene Jun-mate while riding a lift Yu-jin, who spread his hands as he closed his eyes enjoying the moment. And other popular locations, namely around the lake, where there is a bench and picnic table decorated with two stuffed fake snow. In the soap opera, Jun-sang and Yu-jin sitting together on the bench while making a snowman.

Choi Jung-eun, Nami Island staff member, said tourists at Nami had only about 200,000 per year. Since fever Winter Sonata so far, excursions in Nami jumped 1.6 million per year, 200,000 of them foreign tourists. The management also retain the interest of tourists to diligently organize various art performances at Nami.

Jeju Island - The island is full of beauty

Jeju Island (transliterated Korean for Jeju Province, short form of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province or Cheju Island) is only a special autonomous province of South Korea, located in and adjacent to the largest island. Jeju Island is located in the Korea Strait, southwest of Jeolla Province, which was part before it became a separate province in 1946. Its capital is the city of Jeju.

Jeju Island has lots of natural beauty and the ultimate potential of Korean tourism. Jeju Island is therefore always be used as a shooting location famous Korean drama, so many tourists who come to commemorate the filming location of Korean dramas, for example Daejanggeum drama, Winter Sonata, Boys befor Flowers, etc..

 Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, parks, cliffs, and beautiful stones wrapped in warm weather make this place crowded visit. Coupled with a traditional Korean atmosphere that is still felt, the island became a favorite tourist attraction tourists not only domestic but also overseas, especially Japan, Hong Kong, and China. And because the atmosphere is romantic, Jeju Island is also a honeymoon destination of the new couple.

Carocok beach - Beautiful Beach

Carocok beach city located west of Painan, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This beach is very famous in West Sumatra Indonesia Nor, said some people are not losing Carocok Coast from Beach Island in Malaysia (Kra Peninsula Coast).

The most beautiful moment on the beach when the sun is going carocok tengelam, Orange Sunset Panorama that bounced over the surface of the Ocean Indonesia is very nice to behold.

Beaches in the area this Painan Carocok There is also a Rock Island that is connected with the tip of Pulau Batu Bukit Langkisau.Yaitu Kareta, we can accomplish very easily, because the bridge had been built by the local government of Côte carocok get to the island this Kareta Stone .

Not only that about 200 meters westward carocok Beach is located a small island of white sandy historic and very clean water, the island Cingkuk.Dipulau can we find traces of Portuguese fort ruins. And according to history, the first Portuguese Coastal menjejakan foot on the island of Sumatra Island is in this Cingkuk. In addition to the Portuguese fort on the island there is also a tomb of the existing Portuguese inscriptions.

Various activities can be done in this cingkuk island from sea water bathing, diving to fishing.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle (English: Bermuda Triangle), sometimes also called Satan's Triangle is an area of ​​ocean in the Atlantic area of ​​1.5 million or 4 million km2 mil2 the line shape between the Bermuda triangle, the territory of the United Kingdom as a point on the north , Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States as a point in the south and Miami, the state of Florida, the United States as a point on the west.

Very mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Often there is the issue of psychics in the area stating the reason for the loss of ships passing events. There is also a saying that has become a natural phenomenon that should not be crossing the region. Some are even saying that it's all alien-induced

At the time of Christopher Columbus' voyage, when moving through the Bermuda Triangle area, one of the crew said seeing "strange lights berkemilau on the horizon". Some people say they have observed something like a meteor. In his notes he writes that the navigation equipment is not functioning properly during his stay in the area.

Events lost in the area was first documented in 1951 by EVW Jones from the Associated Press magazine. Jones wrote an article about the events that befall the mysterious loss of flying boats and the sea in the area and call it 'Satan's Triangle'. This tilt back the following year by Fate Magazine with articles that made George X. In 1964, Vincent Geddis calling area as the 'Bermuda Triangle of the deadly', after the term 'Bermuda Triangle' a term commonly called. Bermuda Triangle is a place where the seabed is there a big pyramid may be larger than the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. Pyramid has a distance between the tip of the pyramid and the sea about 500 m, at the end of the pyramid there are two cavities trsebut larger holes.

Zoo Beauval

Zoo Beauval in France originally opened in 1980 as an aviary, housing more than 2,000 species of birds alone. Not until more than 10 years later when another animal is introduced to the habitat and the zoo has grown to more than 4,000 animals. Favorites including two white tiger zoo, known as Gorby and Rais, and the twins manatees, known as the Quito and Luna.

Park has been arranged to give visitors a feeling that they actually see the animals in their home territory. There is for example an area of more than 3 acres submitted for re-creation of an Plain neighborhood of Africa where zebras, giraffes, rhinos and other antelope roam freely.

There is also a large area of 5 acres for the collection of elephants. The park has more than 40 big cats including lions, leopards, tigers and their famous white jaguar.
You can walk through the tropical greenhouses where exotic birds fly freely around you and be able to see the chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans from close range. The park is also the only place to see amazing manatees (sea cows) in France.
There is a 1500 seat arena where an hour long good look in the water with sea-lions and in the air by an array of birds of prayer is quite a spectacle.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom is an animal theme park located at the Walt Disney World Resort. The fourth park built at the resort, it opened on April 22, 1998, and it is the largest single Disney theme park in the world, covering more than 500 acres (202 ha). It is also the first Disney theme park to be themed entirely around animal conservation, a philosophy once pioneered by Walt Disney himself. Disney's Animal Kingdom is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, meaning they have met or exceeded the standards in Education, Conservation and Research.

The Tree of Life, a sculpted 14-story (145-foot-tall [44 m]), 50-foot-wide (15 m) tree, is the centerpiece and icon in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Tourists can walk around the whole park to see all 325 animals carved in the bark of this massive tree attraction.

In 2010, the park hosted approximately 9.7 million guests, ranking it the fourth-most visited amusement park in the United States and seventh-most visited in the world

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario (French: Lac Ontario) is one of the five Great Lakes in North America. Ontario, Canada's most populous province, named for the lake. It is bordered on the north and southwest by the province of Ontario, and in the south by New York's American countries. In the language (Huron) Wyandot, Ontario means "Sea of ​​Shining Waters". This is the last in the chain of Great Lakes and serves as an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence River. Lake Ontario is also the only one of the five Great Lakes for not sharing the beach with the state of Michigan.

Lake Ontario turned out to save an unsolved mystery, which is thought to be one of the secret alien base. At the moment - a certain time, are frequent sightings of light - the orange light that comes out and into the lake.
However, scientists do not respond to this problem. Scientists argue only that light - the light was just bizarre natural phenomenon is a kind of regular gas in the lake that expands and exposed to light reflection from a passing car. Although many are convinced that the scientists were wrong, Lake Ontario remains a mystery.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California at 14,179 feet (4322 m) and is the second highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth highest in California. Mount Shasta has an estimated volume of 85 cubic kilometers (350 km3) which made ​​it the most productive in the Cascade Volcanic Arc stratovolcano.

Some people like to climb the mountain top. There are stores that sell recreation equipment for all your needs. There are also recreation equipment rental shop if you do not want to sell it.

Mount Shasta is considered spiritual at all by people of different religions. Always people come to make her or meditating. In 1993 the Dalai Lama arrived in Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta in the area was kept a mystery, which is suspected tunnel - a mysterious tunnel that led into the Alien's secret headquarters. The city belongs to the nation's legendary Lemuria and even allegedly called Telos beneath Mount Shasta is this. A researcher named William Hamilton has been researching this mountain and found several tunnels - tunnels where mysteriously unknown destination. He just assumed that the tunnel - the tunnel was connected with a mysterious network of tunnels throughout the world.

Cave Malta

Cave Malta is located on the island of Malta Malta, precisely in a small village of Casal Paula. Goa Malta is one of the mysterious cave in the world. Goa is known after precisely in 1902, a worker was digging in the village and find a mysterious cave. He tried to get into the cave and never come back again.

The story of the disappearance of these workers and attract some people to explore this cave. In an expedition, in this cave there is a winding road - similar to a labyrinth of twists, some even keep track leads into the underground.

Because the cave is still unable to predict how large in size, then the cave on the island of Malta is still a mystery to this day. Some residents believe that this cave is a place of ancient pirates keep their property.

Liyobaa cave

Liyobaa cave located in a village in Zapoteca region, the Americas. The village is named or referred to the village Liyobaa death. Uniquely, this village is close to another village called Mictlan or the village the next world. The name is pretty scary for a village. Liyobaa suspected cave is the entrance to hell is covered by a Catholic priest when he realized the oddity in this cave.

This mysterious cave located in a temple that has a unique construction. Four are located at ground level, while the other four levels below ground, the cave itself is located on the fourth level above the earth's surface. This cave is said to continue heading into the soil and is thought to have no end. Because no one dares to enter the mysterious cave, there is no explanation of this cave.

Mel's Hole - Hole Without End

Mel's Hole is the name of a mysterious hole in Manastashi Ridge, Washington. This hole is a mystery that interesting to discuss because of Mel's Hole is alleged the endless pit.

Mel's Hole was first discovered by a man named Melvin Waters. Since the discovery of this hole, locals use it as a garbage dump. Surprisingly, each of garbage dumped there. Never heard such rubbish thud to the bottom of this hole. In fact, in a theory of physics, when an object falls into it and hit the bottom. It'll sound hentakkannya because the reflection of sound.

Melvin or used to be called Mel. Ever tried to measure the depth of the hole diameter of 6 feet. However, up to 80,000 feet. Measuring line nor to kedasarnya. Mel immediately reported this phenomenon on the famous radio station in Washington. However, the government actually shut Mel and bring it to move to Australia.

Not only that, but Mel's Hole also keeps a mysterious other, namely Mel's Hole is rumored to be able to revive a dead animal.

The Paulding Light

The Paulding Light (also called the Lights of Paulding or the Dog Meadow Light) is a light that appears in a valley that lies outside of Paulding, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, near Watersmeet off US Highway 45 (US 45) on Robins Pond Road/Old US 45.  In 2010, Syfy Channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files conducted a paranormal investigation and concluded that the Paulding Light was unexplained. Michigan Tech students conducting a scientific investigation of the light in 2010 were able to see automobile headlights and tail lights when viewing the light through a telescope, and were able to recreate it by driving a car through a specific stretch of on US 45.

The first recorded sighting of the Paulding Light came in 1966 when a group of teenagers reported the light to a local sheriff. Since then, a number of other individuals have reported seeing the mysterious light that is said to appear nearly every night at the site.

Although stories of the light vary, the most popular legend involves the death of a railroad brakeman. The legend states that the valley once contained railroad tracks and the light is the lantern of the brakeman who was killed while attempting to stop an oncoming train from colliding with railway cars stopped on the tracks. Another story claims the light is the ghost of a slain mail courier, while another says that it is the ghost of an Indian dancing on the power lines that run through the valley.