The Mysterious Cave Demon Pesanggrahan

Demon Cave guesthouse located in the region Wonocatur, Sleman, Yogyakarta - Indonesia, precisely on the road that connects the Eastern Ring Road with the Berbah Yogyakarta, Bantul. If you want to visit then get past the Highway until the intersection Block Jackie O, then turn right. Having found a signpost toward Berbah, you just turn left. Guesthouse located right on the roadside, characterized by a high wall thickness of 75 cm which color has begun to darken.

Not many know Pesanggrahan Demon Cave. Understandably, the rest house built by Hamengkubuwono II this is not as famous as the Taman Sari Water Castle. But, behind the unpopularity, this guesthouse was never an important function for the sultan's palace, as a place of meditation. Together Pesanggrahan Warungboto, this place is mentioned in one song macapat tells of the progress achieved during the reign Hamengkubuwono II in Yogyakarta.

Like many of the guesthouse early in the Kraton, the Cave Demon also has a garden area and pool. Currently, in the garden area is planted various plants so that these areas appear green. Ornamental plants that grow on the edge of two ponds rectangle that is also part of the building pesanggrahan. The edge of the pond and the second base is actually made of plaster which is pretty good, but unfortunately can not be seen because the water was so clear.

Until now, among a variety of activities besides Kraton meditation conducted in Pesanggrahan Cave Demon can not be answered, including anyone who has ever meditated in this place. Another thing that remains a mystery is the name of the building itself. Macapat song that contains the founding of this building to say the name of the building is Seluman Cave, but the nameplate on the building complex is now named the building the Demon Cave. Is Seluman and Demon mean the same?

In the past, many people consider this haunted building so no one could enter it carelessly. But now that assumption is gone because some people even use the area of ​​the guesthouse for a place to chat. So, you can visit one of these historic sites without fear.

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