Sampireun Village - Honeymoon Feel Very Beautiful

Sampireun village very well suited for those of you who want to experience the honeymoon was wonderful. This place is a nuanced Village Resort Sunda, located at an altitude of ± 1,000 meters above sea level, located in the village of Kampung Ciparay Sukakarya Samarang Garut district, West Java, and an area of ​​± 5.5 acres including extensive Situ Sampireun (1.5 hectares) with the eyes of seven eyes water.
Sampireun village has 20 bungalows consisting of 8 units of type Kalapalua Suite (One bedroom & terrace), 4 units of type Kurjati Suite (One bedroom, living room, & patio), 4 units of type Waluran Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & terrace), 1 unit type Cikuray Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & patio), 1 unit type Papandayan Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & patio), and 1 unit type Manglayang (Three bedrooms, living room , & patio). bungalow is designed with the typical House Stage Tatar Sunda Parahyangan. Besides Kampung Sampireun have the facility: "Flute Bamboo Restaurant", "Bale Princess Amantie" as a place to enjoy afternoon Fried (Afternoontea), "Waroeng Coffee"-style village as a place of interaction Citizens Village (Customers and Employees), the traditional Meeting Room 'Kiara Umbrella Meeting Room "which accommodates up to 30 people," Taman Dayu Trance "which can be used as a" Dinner Party ", Swimming Pool and" Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa "that stood in 2003, Inauguration of the opening of the Spa are performed by Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003. As well as the latest facility "Playground for children".

Sampireun Village includes boutique resort with the concept of standing on a bed of garden surrounded by bamboo trees. By presenting the tatar Sunda village atmosphere with a beautiful impression, comfortable, peaceful, and peaceful with a touch of typical traditional villages and modern hospitality professional services consisting of a wide selection of room types that you can customize to your needs and your partner. The similarity of each of these rooms are all offering a quiet rural feel of Sundanese.

With each bungalow is equipped boat for the guests who stay may enjoy the feel Situ Sampireun accompanied by thousands of Goldfish that will accompany when boating. You can also enjoy the show "Calung", ie the traditional arts are staged every afternoon on a raft in the middle Situ. And at night you and your partner will be in "Nina Bobo out" by the strains of harp flute played by the arts group Kampung Sampireun while peddling "Sekoteng", a traditional Sundanese beverage to warm the body.

For lighting, this inn, and torch rely on kerosene lamps. At night you can hear the gurgling waters of the lake while looking at the romantic moonlight illuminating the surface of the lake. You can also enjoy views of the night sky with a sprinkling of stars. In the afternoon, when the wind rustling bamboo trees and hitting it will sound like a gentle scraping bamboo orchestra symphony of nature. With a rural feel enveloped in a quiet, perhaps this is what you need to get a romantic honeymoon atmosphere.

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