Riau Raya Sultan Mosque - Mosque of Eggs

Riau Raya Sultan Mosque was built in 1832 during the reign of King VII Yang Pertuan Muda Abdul Rahman, the mosque was carried out by the whole community worked together to stun at that time.

The most interesting aspect in the construction of this mosque is the use of egg whites as a mixture of cement for the walls mesjit. This mosque is a unique building with a length of 19.8 meters and 18 meters wide, a place of prayer tendency is supported by 4 pieces of the pole, dome-shaped roof and tower were 13 pieces of 4 a, altogether 17 in accordance with sebahyang day and night cycles.

Inside the mosque there is also a holy book Quran hand-written, and the kingdom of Riau-library closet door is a carved phallus symbolizing the culture of Islamic calligraphy is booming at the time.

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