Pulau Umang - Small is Beautiful Home

Pulau Umang located in the District of Wells, Pandeglang district, Banten. This place is suitable to run from the city noise and enjoy the beautiful moments of your honeymoon. On this island, there is a resort is styled with a touch of artistic nature, beauty of the sea surrounded by mountains add to the atmosphere more romantic honeymoon time.

Since its establishment in late 2004, this tourist area provides a variety of water sports. Among snorkeling, jet skiing and banana boat. The waters around Pulau Umang safe enough for a variety of water sports is because the waves around the islands of relative calm. This is due to the location of the island that are not directly facing the sea, but the 'hindered' by the Ujung Kulon. In addition, Umang Island is also very close to the mainland.
In addition to some water sports, visitors who stay overnight in Pulau Umang can also swim in the swimming pool directly overlooking the sea. Another option, soak in warm water yakuzi which also overlooks the sea. Umang Island is tiny. That's why, you can around it in a short time, without fatigue. Only need 10 minutes to round the island while enjoying the scenery. If lucky, travelers can see the hermit. Who is she ???... He is an animal which is the original inhabitants of this island. Umang has a home in the form of shells. Often these animals leave their shells, which they regard as home to move to another shell. Of course, this shift mean anything. They moved the shells because their bodies are bigger. As a result, they need a larger shell. Large shells that are 'legacy' of the hermit crab who lived before them. Therefore, travelers who come to Pulau Umang strictly forbidden to take any shellfish or shells on the island.

One more facilities that you deserve to enjoy the spa. If you've often spa treatments, spa on the island maybe this will give something different. One of the reasons, you will undergo a spa while inhaling fresh sea air nan. Place used for the spa is also quite unique, ie a tassel-roofed gazebo. Just so you know, gazebo, two of the four-foot jib, planted in the sea. This type of spa treatments that are available are very diverse. There is a massage for Indonesia, there are also massage foreign countries, like France and Sweden.

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