Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario (French: Lac Ontario) is one of the five Great Lakes in North America. Ontario, Canada's most populous province, named for the lake. It is bordered on the north and southwest by the province of Ontario, and in the south by New York's American countries. In the language (Huron) Wyandot, Ontario means "Sea of ​​Shining Waters". This is the last in the chain of Great Lakes and serves as an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence River. Lake Ontario is also the only one of the five Great Lakes for not sharing the beach with the state of Michigan.

Lake Ontario turned out to save an unsolved mystery, which is thought to be one of the secret alien base. At the moment - a certain time, are frequent sightings of light - the orange light that comes out and into the lake.
However, scientists do not respond to this problem. Scientists argue only that light - the light was just bizarre natural phenomenon is a kind of regular gas in the lake that expands and exposed to light reflection from a passing car. Although many are convinced that the scientists were wrong, Lake Ontario remains a mystery.

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