Tanjung Dimples - Shades of Bali in the area of ​​Banten

Dimples promontory located in Labuan, Banten. The beach is designed with the natural feel of Bali. This beach is also designed to mengaet foreign tourists, not only the local tourists. It can be seen from the standard price using internationally currency (dollar). To enter this tourist area must use a personal vehicle, for transportation umun must not enter the area. Maybe that's why the cost for day trips to Cape Dimples is expensive and elegant impression. So not many people are choosing Cape Dimples become a family tourist spot.

Dimples Cape Coast, has panoramic views and beautiful natural beaches of white sand and reefs are unique. The atmosphere and conditions Pandeglang mainstay tourist area is suitable for water sports activities (snorkeling, diving and jetsky). Located in the west region Pandeglang.

Calm and clear water conditions. In the north of the headland is an area that is not so steep hills. Here there is a section that juts into the sea and form a lagoon beach, the sea water like a lake to form covering 12 ha and a depth of up to 5 meters with a calm water conditions.

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