Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle (English: Bermuda Triangle), sometimes also called Satan's Triangle is an area of ​​ocean in the Atlantic area of ​​1.5 million or 4 million km2 mil2 the line shape between the Bermuda triangle, the territory of the United Kingdom as a point on the north , Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States as a point in the south and Miami, the state of Florida, the United States as a point on the west.

Very mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Often there is the issue of psychics in the area stating the reason for the loss of ships passing events. There is also a saying that has become a natural phenomenon that should not be crossing the region. Some are even saying that it's all alien-induced

At the time of Christopher Columbus' voyage, when moving through the Bermuda Triangle area, one of the crew said seeing "strange lights berkemilau on the horizon". Some people say they have observed something like a meteor. In his notes he writes that the navigation equipment is not functioning properly during his stay in the area.

Events lost in the area was first documented in 1951 by EVW Jones from the Associated Press magazine. Jones wrote an article about the events that befall the mysterious loss of flying boats and the sea in the area and call it 'Satan's Triangle'. This tilt back the following year by Fate Magazine with articles that made George X. In 1964, Vincent Geddis calling area as the 'Bermuda Triangle of the deadly', after the term 'Bermuda Triangle' a term commonly called. Bermuda Triangle is a place where the seabed is there a big pyramid may be larger than the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. Pyramid has a distance between the tip of the pyramid and the sea about 500 m, at the end of the pyramid there are two cavities trsebut larger holes.

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