The Charles Sieger House

The Charles Sieger House is a castle surrounded by water (moat). The house is owned and designed by renowned architect Charles Sieger of the Sieger Suarez firm. You might recognize the house as the backdrop for Birdman’s music video “Fire Flame” directed by Gil Green (kudos to the person who scouted the location).

The house is located near SW 268th Street and 167 Avenue in the rural side of Miami-Dade County. It was built in 2007, and is said to be 10,124 square feet in total square footage (livable square footage not found). The property sits on 13.74 acres and has a canal running on the northern edge of its lot.

The house is perfectly symmetrical from front to back. Its highlighted by tree-filled pathways upon the entrance and the multiple bridges to reach the core of the house and its driveway.

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