Wind and Rain Bridge

Wind and Rain Bridge is the symbol of the nation arsitektor Dong minority, so it is better known as Dong nation's bridges. Wind and Rain Bridhe in Diping is the largest of its kind in Guizhou Province, where the largest Chinese community settled Dong.

Wind and Rain Bridge has a length of 50 meters and was first built in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty 100 years ago. However, the original structure burned in large fires in 1959 and a visitor sees today is creation that was completed in 1964 she repeated.
Wind and Rain Bridge is a pure wooden architecture consisting of a pillar, baluster purlin and in various sizes and shapes. Body bridge is divided into three sections, the largest in the middle of a traditional Chinese drum-shaped tower. Eave bridge pilasters and decorated with flowers and sculptures, and the bridge is very unique.

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