Jayawijaya mountain

Jayawijaya mountain known as one of the world's seven highest peaks (seven summit). Therefore, peak climbing as high as 4884 meters above sea level is a dream of a true climber, let alone climb to the Puncak Jaya is the conquest of the snow-covered mountain. The obstacles presented in the ascent, as sheer natural conditions, extremely cold temperatures, strong winds and rain, and the lack of oxygen at high altitudes is a challenge that must be conquered by the climbers.

Jayawijaya Peak is one of the snowy mountain peaks in crossing the equator, in addition to the mountains in Africa and Latin America. When viewed from the air, Jayawijaya Peak looks like a black carpet covered by a white hood. If the sun was bright, the snow will reflect the blinding sunlight. The content of this mountain of ice in an estimated 5 percent of the world's ice reserves outside the continent of Antarctica. However, due to global warming, the amount of shrinking year by year. When viewed from the types of glaciers, snow-covered area in Jayawijaya into the type of Alpine glaciation. While the glacier (snow lumeran flow) in the region into the Glacier Valley types, namely the flow of glaciers flowing from on high towards the lower regions. Therefore, in this area have made possible the flow of the glacier.

Besides known as Puncak Jaya, the highest peak is also known as Carstensz Pyramide, or the Carstensz Peak. Http:// site says, the name was taken from an adventurer from the Netherlands, namely in January Carstensz, who first saw the snowy mountain peaks in the tropics, specifically in New Guinea. The observation was made by Jan Carstensz through a ship in 1623. Since not be proved by direct observation, the report was considered absurd. Because, for Europeans, found the snowy mountains in the tropics is something that is almost impossible.

Truth Carstensz report revealed after nearly three hundred years later, when in 1899 a Dutch expedition to map the island of Papua and found snow-covered mountain peaks as reported by the Carstensz. In honor of Carstensz, the mountaintop is then named as the name implies. While the designation Jayawijaya Peak is a gift of President Sukarno after successfully embrace the sovereignty of West Papua from the Netherlands. This name meaning "summit victory", as an expression of gratitude for the unification of West Papua with the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

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