Carocok beach - Beautiful Beach

Carocok beach city located west of Painan, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This beach is very famous in West Sumatra Indonesia Nor, said some people are not losing Carocok Coast from Beach Island in Malaysia (Kra Peninsula Coast).

The most beautiful moment on the beach when the sun is going carocok tengelam, Orange Sunset Panorama that bounced over the surface of the Ocean Indonesia is very nice to behold.

Beaches in the area this Painan Carocok There is also a Rock Island that is connected with the tip of Pulau Batu Bukit Langkisau.Yaitu Kareta, we can accomplish very easily, because the bridge had been built by the local government of Côte carocok get to the island this Kareta Stone .

Not only that about 200 meters westward carocok Beach is located a small island of white sandy historic and very clean water, the island Cingkuk.Dipulau can we find traces of Portuguese fort ruins. And according to history, the first Portuguese Coastal menjejakan foot on the island of Sumatra Island is in this Cingkuk. In addition to the Portuguese fort on the island there is also a tomb of the existing Portuguese inscriptions.

Various activities can be done in this cingkuk island from sea water bathing, diving to fishing.

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