Kotagede or Kutagede

Kotagede or Kutagede is a district in the city of Yogyakarta, Special Province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Kotagede borders Bantul District in the north, east, and south, and west districts Umbulharjo. The name 'Kota Gede' is taken from the name of the Old City Kotagede, located on the border with the district of Bantul district in the south.

Traditional atmosphere is still palpable in this city, for example look at the Great Mosque Complex Kotagede still feels like a palace in the environment, complete with a stone fence which surrounds berelief mosque, courtyard area where there are several kecik sapodilla tree, and a large of an age Bedug very old, as old as the Great Mosque Kotagede own.

 When out of the Kings Tomb Complex we will be greeted by a festive market is always crowded Kotagede every day. But you will find an atmosphere of another when you come to the market in times of Kotagede Javanese calendar shows the market / day Legi. Kotagede market will grow crowded and congested by both sellers and buyers, even the market area can be increased up to the next Post Office / TK ABA. Therefore, the majority of the population Kotagede, the market is better known as Pasar Legi.

This area is now known as silver handicrafts, located along Jalan Packaging until T-junction ex-Palace Cinemas.

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