Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is a beach located on the south coast, Pananjung village, district of Pangandaran, West Java. And according to AsiaRooms is the best beach on the island of Java.
Some features of this beach include:

     * Can see the sunrise and sunsets from the same place
     * Gently sloping beach with clear water and the distance between the ups and downs are relatively long,   allowing us to swim safely
     * There are beaches with white sand
     * Available rescuers coast tour
     * The road is paved smooth environment with adequate street lighting
     * There is a marine park with fish and marine life is stunning.
     * Place the landing of Japanese troops during World War II, therefore, there still are some caves defense Japanese army who used to be hiding places of the Japanese army.

Event tourism is commonly held

     * Sea of ​​intent, which is a ceremony performed in Pangandaran fishermen as a manifestation of their     gratitude to the grace of Almighty God in a way melarung offerings to the sea. This event is usually held on every Muharram, with the East Coast took place in Pangandaran.
     * International Kite Festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) with a variety of supporting activities that we can see in every June or July.

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