Tugu Yogyakarta

Tugu Yogyakarta is an obelisk or tower that is often used as a symbol / emblem of the city of Yogyakarta - Indonesia. This monument was built by Hamengkubuwana I, founder of the Yogyakarta palace. The monument is located at the intersection of Jl Sudirman and Jl. This Mangkubumi Prince, has a symbolic value and is a magical line that connects the southern ocean, and Mount Merapi Yogyakarta palace. At the time of meditation, it is said the Sultan of Yogyakarta at the time to use this monument as a benchmark the direction facing the top of Mount Merapi. From Yogyakarta court if we look to the north, then we will find that Jalan Malioboro, Jl Mangkubumi, this monument, and Yogya Kembali Monument Road will form a straight line exactly with the direction to the summit of Mount Merapi.

This monument is now one of Yogyakarta tourism objects, and often known as "the pillar of white pal," because the color of paint used since the first is white. Pal monument is elliptical with a small ball and a pointed tip at the top.

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