Mel's Hole - Hole Without End

Mel's Hole is the name of a mysterious hole in Manastashi Ridge, Washington. This hole is a mystery that interesting to discuss because of Mel's Hole is alleged the endless pit.

Mel's Hole was first discovered by a man named Melvin Waters. Since the discovery of this hole, locals use it as a garbage dump. Surprisingly, each of garbage dumped there. Never heard such rubbish thud to the bottom of this hole. In fact, in a theory of physics, when an object falls into it and hit the bottom. It'll sound hentakkannya because the reflection of sound.

Melvin or used to be called Mel. Ever tried to measure the depth of the hole diameter of 6 feet. However, up to 80,000 feet. Measuring line nor to kedasarnya. Mel immediately reported this phenomenon on the famous radio station in Washington. However, the government actually shut Mel and bring it to move to Australia.

Not only that, but Mel's Hole also keeps a mysterious other, namely Mel's Hole is rumored to be able to revive a dead animal.

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