Kaindy Lake - Forest It Be Under Water

Kaindy Lake is a unique and beautiful place located in Kazakhstan, once a very famous especially among penyelam.Karena Forest there are hidden under water.

Here is a little crazy story of five people who went there to find a good opportunity to dive under the ice.
The most remote places where cars can no longer continue the journey. Still at least 5 kilometers away from the goal mereka.Satu only option is to stay overnight at a nearby settlement and use local horses' to move toward the lake in the morning local hari.Pemandu together with five horses mengawalali trip for divers. After several hours of moving through snow knee-deep stretch of beautiful open before immersion mereka.Antisipasi give new strength to the preparation. And last of all those who dive that day for euphoria. witness the beauty of a strange underwater world.

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