Kaliurang, Yogyakarta - spree a la Madam and Meneer

Located 28 kilometers from the city center, Kaliurang now become an area of ​​natural and cultural attractions that lure, as well as being a fun place for family recreation.

Relax with the family, parents can relax while watching the kids play on the Ground. In an area of ​​10,000 square meters of the children can play swing, sliding, or swim in the swimming pool. Also in the park is adorned by a statue of a genie-style story of 1001 nights and some types of animals, children can also play mini cars or entering the mouth of a statue of a dragon and exiting at the tail.

About 300 meters to the northeast of the park are recreational Plawangan Turgo Park. In the park there are attractions Tlogo Princess pool where the water comes from springs on the slopes of Mount Plawangan. Swings or joking with the family at the playground inside the park, fatigue will melt in the thick perhutani park.

 Walk along the east side, saw some monkeys are jumping and swinging on branches, enjoying the birdsong in the path of rocky flats and terraces on the road climbed the ladder as far as 900 meters; may be a little tiring, but the view of Mount Merapi in when the weather is sunny from the Mount Pronojiwo , will replace the tiredness with admiration.

If you want to enjoy views of Ground, visitors can get around by train rabbits most popularly called sepoer. These vehicles are usually hung in front of the park is filled with stalls of food vendors. The route is around the tourist area of ​​Kaliurang from east to west. Past the viewing post located on the west, Merapi can be seen clearly when the weather is sunny. Rates for this vehicle up Rp.3.000 per person if a minimum of seven people. For exclusive trips, 20,000 would make the trip as a nobleman.

If you want to feel the cool breeze and the quietness of the night on the Ground, a variety of villas, bungalows, guest house or cottage can be an option. The rates also varied, ranging from 25 thousand to 200 thousand. Some of the inn you can enjoy, among others: Bukit Surya (preferred), Puri Indah Hotel (3 star), Wisma Sejahtera, etc..

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