#895 Mykonos, Greece

Perhaps most famous for its partying night life, Mykonos to me epitomizes the reason why Greece's flag is blue and white stripes. This charming little island had beautiful colors of blue and whites contrasting no matter where you looked -- whether it was the blue paints, the blue sky, the blue ocean or the sharp white houses and buildings or the boats. 
It glitters in summer and has the touristy vibe to match. Cruise ships are frequent, beaches are quite full, and the nightclubs, pumping. The restaurants and shops live up to their location, but it is still a charming place -- if ever I was to become a writer and live in isolation, I think Mykonos would be a pretty great location, but then, I thought that of most of Greece! 
It's main town of Hora is a cluster of narrow passages working their way up the hillside overlooking a busy bay and harbor. Little Venice to the south is perched right on the water underneath the iconic windmills
Source: Lonely Planet Greece 8th Edition

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