Cuba Strengthens UNESCO Relationship

Cuba's representative to the UNESCO Executive Council Juan Antonio Fernandez called today to promote continuous and permanent changes to achieve the refounding of that organization. 'The UNESCO should and must change. It also need to be rejuvenated and promote a change of mind along with a new humanism', the Cuban official said. Addressing the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s Executive Board, Fernandez stated that secular problems remain unresolved in today's world.

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Rich and poor grows

World Heritage Vinales Valley CubaThe gap between rich and poor grows, the structural underdevelopment perpetuates, and the savage capitalism, of neoliberal face, develops antivalues such as selfishness, war, and plunder of natural resources, Fernandez said. In this context, the UNESCO non-payment crisis, given the financial blackmail of the main contributor (The United States), should be managed as an opportunity for structural reform of the organization, making it more efficient and regain its leading role in the international system, he said.

Fernandez called to restore the balance between the natural and social sciences, and the latters' contributions in the discussion and solution of economic, political, and social factors that create and reproduce poverty.

The Cuban representative in the 190 session of the Executive Board concluded his speech with a greeting to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for the brilliant examples of democratic exercise, due to the re-election of President Hugo Chavez.

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