Top Wedding Destinations Around the World

So it finally happened. You've met the love of your life, and now you are planning the wedding of your dreams. If you do not want to do a standard wedding and stick around home, think about planning a destination wedding. You could celebrate the most important day of your life anywhere in the world. Here are a few of the top wedding destinations around the world.

Sandals Optional: Hawaii, United States

Have you always dreamed of a simple wedding, barefoot in the sand, and surrounded by just a few close friends and family? Hawaii is your place for that, and really, any of the islands in the Pacific archipelago will fit the bill. The beautiful weather and slow pace of life will be an ideal beginning to your new married life, and you can honeymoon right there – exploring waterfalls, volcanoes, and the rest of the incredible natural beauty that Hawaii has to offer.

Bright Lights, Big City: New York, United States

This might not be the least expensive, but where better to celebrate your big day than in the Big Apple? There are countless picturesque locations around the city for both religious and non-denominational weddings. An art gallery in SoHo, a converted old warehouse in Brooklyn, or maybe by the boat house in Central Park – just like in the movies. The options are endless in this city, and with its extraordinary food scene, you could have a delicious rendition of just about any cuisine served at your wedding.

Farmland and Family: Vermont, United States

It might be a bit off the beaten path of destination weddings, but Vermont, in the northeastern United States, offers an ideal setting for those who desire rustic nuptials. There are countless farms up there with rolling green fields, charming accommodations, and a fresh, local food to keep your wedding party fed and happy. Consider a fall wedding to take advantage of the changing colors of the leaves to give your wedding an incredible backdrop, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Gnocchi and Nuptials: Italy 

While Italy is a rather geographically diverse country, there is one thing that holds true throughout all its regions – each one is insanely beautiful and would make a gorgeous setting for a wedding. From the rolling hills of Tuscany and Umbria, to the stunning beaches of Puglia and Calabria, to the romantic canals of Venice, and the cinematic chaos of Rome, a wedding anywhere in Italy would be truly special. And the food’s great either!

Spiritual in the Sand: Goa, India

While it not might be the first destination that comes to mind, Goa, India is becoming an increasingly popular destination for weddings. Like Hawaii, Goa will give you a beautiful beach setting, and a beautiful spiritual vibe to celebrate your wedding. Also, don't forget to check a free classifieds website for apartments both for sale and for rent in India, giving you and your guests the opportunity to find some excellent accommodations for a lot less than staying at a beach resort or fancy hotel.

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