Holidaying Opportunities in and in-between Melbourne and Adelaide

Though Melbourne and Adelaide are far from each other, they hold a firm place close to the southern sea of the planet! Touched by the cleanest waves allowing one to smoothly slide with a paddle or surfboard, or to swim along the shores to enjoy the language of the waves. Go deep into the ocean by taking part in scuba diving to explore the marine life or drive to the mid-ocean with the help of a jet boat. Blessed by the shine of the sun, perfect for getting a healthy suntan and the bleached sand beach beds absolute for resting and relaxing.


Places to see: Melbourne Zoo shelters many a species of animals and birds. Melbourne Aquarium is where there are a number of tanks with small to huge ocean living creatures. The Queen Victoria Market is one of the busiest places in the city and is the largest open-air market in the continent.

Accommodation: There are a number of cheap hotels in Melbourne, where budget travelers can stay safe and comfortable. There are also many Melbourne hotels that have all amenities within its complex, and is a bit expensive - suitable for luxury stays.


Places to see: Cleland Conservation Park is a nature surrounded place where one can stay close to the nature. The Adelaide Zoo has its animals in a natural habitat, and there are many rare species of animals and birds. The Adelaide Festival Centre becomes busy during the festival times of the year and is one of the famous attractions to see. There are even many Adelaide hotels near the spot.

Accommodation: Adelaide is a place where anyone can stay within their budget, as there are numerous cheap hotels in Adelaide.

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