#861 San Francisco, CA, USA

San Francisco is a really interesting and unique city -- it's mysterious fogs that hide the famous Golden Gate Bridge frequently, the California Gold Rush that helped build it, the incredible 1906 earthquake that destroyed it, its infamous prison island Alcatraz, the strength of the liberal toleration for gay-rights, Chinatown, cable cars, steep streets, a West Coast entrance for many immigrants, the historic center and Market Street, nearby Silicone Valley and many other things.
The downtown, like most American cities is a grid of numbered avenues and streets, but historical relics remain such as the tram system that the conductors still turn manually, and the majestic buildings of old. The suburbs, with their steep hills and brightly colored rows of houses, are also full of character -- Lombard Street and Filbert Street are famous for being the steepest in the world as they ascend Russian Hill. What a great place -- I want to visit again so I can see all the places I missed.

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