Granite Stone From Heaven Belitung Island

Belitung Island, Indonesia is the Caribbean of the East, so that disclosed the Dutch past. But this is only related to the panorama, the charm of beautiful beaches only. Enchantment of the beauty of the beaches on the island of Belitung well-deserved title "heaven", a stunning beauty that is difficult to describe with words. Belitung Island also offers an artistic paradise granite stone.

Exactly and as time would run, not just beaches are the main attraction of the tourists (both foreign and domestic) who came to the island of Belitung, giant granite boulders that beterbaran some special corner of the existing beach island of Belitung is also worthy to be called paradise. At least heaven is valid for the photografi.Berbagai formation of granite boulders - from small to exceed the size of your home - are scattered on tourist beaches such as: Beach Tanjungkelayang, Tanjungtinggi Beach, Beach Punai, Bukit Pantai Batu and several other areas. All these beaches have a granite rock formations are neatly arranged artistically as if human hands had done all that. But the truth is not like that, the giant granite rocks are created by natural formations. Here is one where the privilege of Belitung Island compared to intervene areas lainnya.Buat those who have a hobby of photography, granite rocks on the island of Belitung's worth seems to be a model. And if any of you all who have a hobby, also has the intention to visit the island of Belitung, it never hurts to perpetuate the artistic formation of granite boulders with your own way and style.

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