10 Balancing Rock World's Most Unique

1. Balanced Rock (Colorado, United States)

This stone is located in Taman Dewa near Pike `s Peak in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Stone was standing on a street paved public access and rock is located near the beautiful scenery. Although there is an earthquake, the rock is not going to shake the small base underneath.

2. Balancing Rock Digby (Nova Scotia, Canada)

This rock about 30 meters high and there are in Nova Scotia, Canada. What makes this stone has an amazing balance is about 50% of these stones stand in the air. If the stones are man-made, can you imagine how difficult it is to find the appropriate calculations to establish a large rock at the edge of the cliff for hundreds of years against the storm, rain, and wind.

3. Idol Rock (North Yorkshire, England)

Stone Idol is part of many strange rock around the 50 hectares area Moor, Brimham, North York shire, England. Idol rocks is about 200 tons and is only supported by smaller stone pyramid. It is unbelievable and incredible.

4. El Torcal de Antequera (Andalucia, Spain)

El Torcal de Antequera is a stone tower karst limestone rock with terrace patterns. Is horizontal, tall, old and stable. Wind, rain and sun had made this stone, and draw many people to see it every year. Although strong and balanced, climbing is not recommended.

5. Kjeragbolten (Norway)

Kjeragbolten or Kjerag Boulder is 5 square meters (about 15 sq ft) of rock stuck between two giant walls Kjerag mountains. Stone was trapped in the upper 1,000 meters of air for thousands of years. It is safe to stand on top of Boulder. The only thing to remember is Do not look down when you are on it.

6. Peyro Clabado (Languedoc, France)

Peyro Clabado located in the Languedoc, France. This eroded granite boulders and rock formations left by the 300 million year old volcanic activity that formed the western Europe. One of rock balancing weight is 780 tons. One day, about one millennium to the next, Clabado Peyro will only be in the form of sand and sediment. Prior to that time, do not miss the opportunity to visit this object.

7. Mushroom Rocks (Kansas, United States)

Can be found at Mushroom Rock State Park, in the Smoky Hills, Kansas. Mushroom Rocks State Park is only 5 acres and have been here since the days of dinosaurs.

8. Chiremba Balancing Rocks (Epworth, Zimbabwe)

This stone looks very balanced and is a granite boulders just like what is on Sidore-France. It is formed by wind and weather since millions of years before it looks like what we know today. This stone is located just a few miles southeast of the capital of Zimbabwe, from Harare.

9. Mexican Hat Rock (Utah, United States)

From a distance, the rock is like a sombrero from Mexico. Mexican Hat Rock was the only stone that has a balance which is located only a stone outside the Monument Valley Central San Juan County, Utah. The dimensions of this rock is 60 feet wide and 12-feet thick. It is a stone red stone that is still in process. Sooner or later, the stone cover completely eroded. Climbing and standing on a rock can actually accelerate erosion.

10. The Steady Hand Of Man

This is an artist-made rock, Daliel Leite. He got inspiration from objects of stone balanced on the whole world and he tries to make the stone itself balanced on a small scale. He only knows a little bit of information about the rock that is balanced and he applied to these rocks. It is not known whether these rocks collapsed after the seconds after being photographed or not.

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