Bunaken,. The Charm of a Garden Paradise Under The Sea

The beauty of flora and fauna below the surface of the Bunaken Marine Park in the Bay of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia indeed has worldwide. No wonder, Bunaken Marine Park is often known as the underwater paradise

Bunaken Marine Park in Manado Gulf at the expanse of the sea area of ​​887.5 hectares. Beneath the surface of the sea, there are about 200 species of fish. Start the Neon fish, Butterfly fish, Coral fish, Napoleon fish, and so forth. In addition there are various shapes and colors of coral reefs and other marine biota.

The beauty of the fauna was added again, the existence of the caves, tunnels, curves and crevices. There's even an appeal that is rarely found in other places is an impairment in the cliff wall.

To enjoy the beauty of the underwater surface of the Bunaken Marine Park, could use a semi-submersible vessel found off the coast of Bunaken Island. The semi-submersible vessel in which there are walls of glass. Dindin Through-wall glass, could menikmat kehdiupan and beauty beneath the sea. Good variety of fish, coral reefs, and other marine biota.

If you want a closer look at the beauty of the underwater surface of Bunaken, is better when diving. There are 23 places snorkeling or diving.
No less interesting is also the beauty above sea level, as well as complement the beauty of Bunaken Marine Park which is below sea level. One is the five islands surrounding the area of ​​Bunaken Marine National Park. Each island of Bunaken, Siladen, Manado Tua, Nain and Mantehage. On the island there Mantehage Bajo tribe.

Bunaken Marine Park is approximately 75 nautical miles from Beach City, Manado. It took about one hour by using a small boat equipped with two-engine boat. Rent is Rp. 800.000, - for at least 15 people up to a maximum of 25 passengers.

Foreign tourists began to arrive in droves to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bunaken. From year to year has increased. Especially after the Sail Bunaken 2009 was held, a sharp increase.

If in 2008 visited by 32,760 foreign tourists, then in 2009 increased to 51 000 foreign tourists. In fact, the North Sulawesi Provincial Government is targeting the year 2010 this brave as much as 100,000 foreign tourists arrived in Bunaken.

You feel interested in it ???... The immediate future and enjoy the beauty of Bunaken Marine Park ..

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