Root Bridge

This tourism object is located approximately 88km to the south of the city of Padang. Approximately + / - 5km before Painan of travel Padang - Gulf Bayur - Painan, Kec. Bayang, Kab. South Coast, West Sumatra, you will meet with the fork in the path to Root Bridge. You turn left here and follow the trail along the + / - 18 km which will you find a river with a width of about 30-35m a clear, fast-flowing rapids but very soothing on snacks with great batu2. Above the river is a bridge that stretches known as one of mainstay attractions of West Sumatra, which was named by locals as the Jambatan Aka (Root Bridge). As the name implies, this bridge is made from the roots (aka) two trees opposite. The length of the bridge about 30 meters, one meter wide floor, and high security wall approximately one meter. The height from the bottom of the river about six meters.

Bizarre, a bridge connecting the village of sticky rice, sticky rice with Lubuak Village Glare is created not by the latest technology, but by kepanjangakalan human and natural processes. Root Bridge is now aged over 90 years.

According to information collected by Kompas, Root Bridge was designed by Pakiah Sokan aka Angku Ketek with sticky rice, sticky rice village society, where the bridge is located. In Pesisirselatan, Pakiah Sokan was a bookish high and often gives lectures. Publication idea to create a Root Bridge, after a commonly used bamboo footbridge society, are often crushed and dragged the flood when the river overflowed Shaded bars. For Pakiah Sokan, who every day give lectures to the village across the (Lubuak Glare), although the bridge does not exist, the activity can still be executed. Because with all its cleverness, he can walk on water.

However, for ordinary people this is certainly a problem. Two villages cut off relations because of the lack of bridges. One time it occurred Pakiah Sokan to plant a banyan tree and a tamarind tree beetles, not far from the bamboo footbridge.
Year after year the roots of both the tree continues to grow and develop, become long, large, and dense. "Fifteen years later in 1916 or earlier, winding, winding roots had created like a bridge. This bridge has a beach and a security wall is getting better and strong, "the story of an elder in the village of sticky rice-pulut.Sekarang, Root Bridge is about 30 meters in length it more sturdy and strong. The floor and walls filled with the roots of the bridge is meeting strong and unified, for the thigh and the base of an adult's arm. The bridge was not easily shaken, even though passed by five men. "However, for security, for Root Bridge is not broken, now fitted buffer rope made of steel. In the near future, the traffic of people carry these crops during utilizing Root Bridge will be diverted to the suspension bridge to be built not far from the Root Bridge.

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