Atlantis in Indonesia???

Successive natural disasters suffered by Indonesia. Starting from the tsunami in Aceh to the latest hot mudflow in East Java. It reminds us of similar events in the area known as the Continent of Atlantis. Is there a relationship between Indonesia and Atlantis?

Plato (427-347 BC) stated that tens of thousands of years ago there was a variety of volcanic eruptions simultaneously, causing earthquakes, melting ice, and flooding. The incident resulted partly submerged the earth's surface. That part is called the lost continent or Atlantis.

Recent research conducted by Aryso Santos, asserted that Atlantis was the region now called Indonesia. After doing research for 30 years, he produced a book Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitifve Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization (2005). Santos displays the 33 comparisons, such as area, climate, natural resources, volcanoes, and farming methods, which ultimately concluded that Atlantis is Indonesia. Terasisasi wetland system typical of Indonesia, he argues, is the form adopted by the Borobudur Temple, Pyramids in Egypt, and ancient buildings Aztecs in Mexico.

It's no coincidence when Indonesia in 1958, the idea of ​​Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja through Law no. 4 Exemption Law in 1960, sparking Djoeanda Declaration. The contents stated that the Indonesian state with interior waters are territorial unity of the archipelago. The fact was later recognized by the Convention on the Law of the Sea

International 1982. Referring to the study Santos, in the tens of thousands of years ago the territory of Indonesia is a unified continent. Not fragmented in tens of thousands of islands as well as now.

Santos provides that in the past that Atlantis was a continent that stretches from southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, continue eastward to Indonesia (now) as its center. In the region there are dozens of active volcanoes and surrounded by oceans that blends named Orientale, consisting of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Plato's theory explains that the lost continent of Atlantis is due to the eruption of a volcano erupting simultaneously. At that time most of the world is still covered by ice sheets (Pleistocene era). With the eruption of the volcano decades together, mostly located in the Indonesian region (first), then tenggelamlah partially continent and is covered by water from the melting ice. Among the eruption of Mount Meru in South India and Mount Semeru in East Java. Then the volcanic eruption in Sumatra which formed Lake Toba with Somasir island, which is the top of the mountain that erupted at the time. The most powerful eruption in the future is Mount Krakatau (Krakatoa), which breaks part of Sumatra and Java and others and formed a plateau Sunda strait.
Atlantis comes from the Sanskrit Atala, which means heaven or observation tower (watch tower), Atalaia (Potugis), Atalaya (Spanish). Plato affirms that area at the time Atlantis was the center of world civilization in the form of culture, natural resources, science / technology, and others. Plato states that the location of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean now. In his time, he insisted that the earth is flat and surrounded by an ocean (ocean) as a whole. Ocean comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ashayana surrounds thoroughly. The opinion was later challenged by

experts in the future such as Copernicus, Galilei-Galileo, Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.

Santos differs with Plato about the location of Atlantis. Scientists from Brazil it argued, that at the time of the eruption of the volcano, causing the ice to melt and flow into the ocean so that the extent of increase. Water and mud derived from volcanic ash and the burden on the ocean bottom, resulting in tremendous pressure on the earth's crust at the bottom of the ocean, especially on the coast of the continent. This pressure resulted in an earthquake. This earthquake was strengthened further by the mountains in a row that erupted later and cause a devastating tsunami waves. Santos called Heinrich Events.

In an effort to express an opinion based on the history of the world, it seems an oversight that Plato has made two, one on the shape / position of the earth which he said flatly. Secondly, regarding the location of the continent of Atlantis which he said was in the Atlantic Ocean which is opposed by Santos. United States military research in the Atlantic region proved unable to find traces of that lost continent. Therefore it is not arbitrary is proverb that says, "Amicus Plato, sed magical Amica veritas." Meaning, "I am pleased to Plato, but I prefer the truth."
However, there are circumstances present that between Plato and Santos agreed. Namely first, that the location of the sunken continent of Atlantis and by Santos was confirmed as the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Second, the number or length of the chain of volcanoes in Indonesia. Among them is the Kerinci, Gutters, Krakatoa, Malabar,

Galunggung, Pangrango, Merapi, Merbabu, Semeru, Bromo, Great, Rinjani. Most of the mountain that has been or is being active again.

Third, the mudflow problem due to volcanic eruptions that his ashes mixed with sea water into the mud. Silt in the ocean is then absorbed into the ground on the mainland. Hot mud is mixed with natural gas which is impossible barrier of mud (mud obstacle that can not pass), or in navigable (not passable), can not be penetrated or penetrated. In the case in Sidoarjo, never done remote sensing, remote sensing, which indicates the existence of canalization system in the region. There is a possibility that the former distribution canalization hot mud flow from the past.

That Indonesia is the region which is considered as the heir of Atlantis, of course should make us grateful. Make us not lower ourselves in the international pergaula, for Atlantis in his day was the center of world civilization. But as a disaster-prone areas, as has been experienced by Atlantis, it's time we learn from history and take advantage of the development of modern science to be able to cope.

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