A Permanent Heritage Show at Hampi by India and Australia

A cultural exchange between India and Australia aimed at reviving ancient heritage in this country culminated in the inauguration of Kaladham Museum and an exhibition in Vijaynagar in Karnataka as part of the Oz Fest, a four-month-long cultural festival. Set up by the Jindal Art Foundation, the Kaladham Museum has as one of the key exhibits the project "Place Hampi", a three-dimensional visual chronicle of the Unesco heritage site. It has been curated by Sarah Kederline at Museum Victoria.

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"Place Hampi"

World Heritage Sydney Opera House Australia"Place Hampi" – an interactive series of stunning photographs, virtual walks and texts on Vijayanagar was commissioned by the Jindal Art Foundation. It was permanently installed at the museum 25 km from the World Heritage Site of Hampi Tuesday as a study of Indian's living cultural heritage, a statement by Oz Fest said. According to Sarah Kederline, the project took 30 years of research.

Inaugurating the project, Australia's Minister for Arts Simon Crean said: "The project was a powerful example of cultural collaboration between Australia and India."

"I want to congratulate Sangita Jindal, the chair of the Jindal Art Foundation, for her vision and belief in the Kaladham Museum project," Crean said.

World Heritage Hampi India

The "Place Hampi" exhibition is part of the biggest cultural festival that Australia has ever brought to India, the minister said.

"The exhibition developed by Museum Victoria in partnership with counterparts in India merges art, heritage and technology in a magnificent immersive 3D display about an ancient World Heritage-listed archaeological site at Hampi," the Australian minister said.

The museum was inaugurated in the presence of Karnataka Tourism Minister Anand Singh and JSW Foundation chairperson Sangita Jindal.

It is built on a 10-acre site within the JSW Township at Vijayanagar.

"I am sure the 360-degree, 3D panoramic visual and surround-sound display, originally shown at Melbourne's Immigration Museum, will be a standout feature of the new heritage and tourism precinct in Karnataka," Crean said.

Jindal said Kaladham was an endeavour by her foundation to promote art and culture.

"The objective is to reach out to artists everywhere and provide them a platform to showcase their talent. Our aim is to make Kaladham a point of reference for the World Heritage site, to highlight the roots and history of Hampi and the artisans that created it and bringing excellence and creativity worldwide," Jindal said.

Visitors can engage in sensorial and experiential encounters with Hampi as an historic place and a living cultural landscape through interactive technologies and stunning panoramic 3D photography, Jindal added.

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