Palacio de Generalife or the Generalife

Palacio de Generalife or the Generalife is a park or rather a summer palace is very beautiful and famous in his country or in another country. The park is also referred to as a form of landscape art is located in the highlands of Spain, and was built in the reign of Muhammad III (1302-1309) and redecorated shortly after by Abu I-Walid Isma'il (1313-1324).
Generalife is one of the oldest Moorish garden. Generalife is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Granada.

Now the park has developed into a very beautiful tourist spot complete with a long pool framed by flowers, fountains, pillars and pavilions, and the Jardin de la Sultana or Courtyard of fir.
So this place will spoil you if you come here, sit down and look at the natural beauty that is in the park.

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