Western Wall or Wailing Wall

Western Wall or Wailing Wall is a place that has a variety of unique history that are considered important and holy by both Jews and Muslims. Its history is for the Muslims of this wall is part of the base and the Aqsa Mosque Omar Mosque (Arabic: As-قبة الصخرة Qubbat Sakhrah), and believed to be the departure gate where the Prophet Muhammad from Jerusalem to heaven (Ascension) by riding Buraq. In addition to the place where Prophet Muhammad maintains his own horses.
As for Jews, this wall is the wall to lament the destruction of the Jewish Synagogue. Jews do not believe that this wall were destroyed because that's where dwells "Shekhinah" (divine presence). Thus, praying there was tantamount to pray to the Lord.
So the original wall has a length of about 485 meters, and now the rest is just 60 meters to the world is regarded as one of the walls of the most historic and influential ever.

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