Esrefoglu Mosque and Social Complex Now Gets UNESCO Attention

The historic Esrefoglu Mosque and social complex in the Central Anatolian province of Konya's Beyşehir district is expected to be included in the permanent list of the UNESCO's world heritage site. UNESCO Turkey National Committee Chairman Professor Ocal Oguz and the committee members made examinations at the mosque and received information about it from Selçuk University Faculty of Literature member Associate Professor Yasar Erdemir.

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Esrefoglu Mosque is expected to be World Heritage Site

The historic Esrefoglu MosqueSpeaking to press members at the mosque, Oguz said a structure had to be unique to be included in the UNESCO list. "We think the Esrefoglu Mosque deserves to be included in the world heritage list," he said. "It is a historic structure and very unique one. We hope that the mosque, which is currently included in the temporary list, will move to the permanent list, and we will keep this issue on the agenda," Oguz said.

"Konya and Beyşehir's officials should also work harder to revive and promote the area's social environment. Unfortunately, although the Esrefoglu Mosque is very precious, it is not very well known in Turkey."

The historic Esrefoglu Mosque Complex

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