Nahanni National Park Canada

Nahanni National Park is located along the South Nahanni River, one of the most spectacular wild rivers in North America; this park contains deep canyons and huge waterfalls, as well as a unique limestone cave system. The park is also home to animals of the boreal forest, such as wolves, grizzly bears and caribou. Dall's sheep and mountain goats are found in the park's alpine environment. Nahanni National Park is a 4,700 sq. km. undisturbed natural area of deep river canyons cutting through mountain ranges, with huge waterfalls and complex cave systems. The geomorphology of the park is outstanding in its wealth of form and complexity of evolution.

Nahanni National Park Canada
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Category: Natural
Criterion: (VII)(VIII)
Date of Inscription: 1978

Spectacular Granitic Peaks

Fluvial processes and features predominate. Within the park are examples of almost every distinct category of river or stream that is known along with one of North America's huge waterfalls, Virginia Falls. The Flat and South Nahanni rivers are older than the mountains they dissect and have produced the finest examples of river canyons in the world, north of 60ยบ. The injection of igneous rock through tectonic activity has resulted in spectacular granitic peaks.

Nahanni National Park
Tourists are boating on Nahanni River

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The most spectacular wild river

The Nahanni River is one of the most spectacular wild rivers in North America, with deep canyons, huge waterfalls, and spectacular karst terrain, cave systems and hot springs. Exposure of geologic and geomorphologic features includes the meanders of ancient rivers, now raised high above present river levels.

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