Villa or Hotel: Where to Stay for Holidays?

You and your family’s on a stretch for a holiday escapade, and yet you are having difficulties on deciding where to stay. Faced with the vast choice of hotels and villas in your destination, it never becomes a surprise to make such a big deal out of it. What to choose? Villa or Hotel?

In this article, you will be enlightened about each of the option’s collective definitions and differences. This is important especially for those who are wanting to spend their vacation with just enough budget without having to go overboard, and eventually, devastating a supposedly happy and memorable getaway.

What are villas?
Amidst all the trappings of mass tourism, villas are seen a huge asylum for vacationers as they offer space, privacy, home comforts, and a personalized level of gracious hospitality and service. They are generally equipped with amenities and dedicated staff that caters to your specific needs. A credible agent is recommended as well. These villas are ideal for romantic honeymoons, family gatherings and any holiday that you might feel wanting to escape and having fun and relaxation at the same time.

What are Hotels?
Hotels are part of that international chain, since all know about them. They are establishments that provide paid lodging, for a short duration to tourists and vacationers. They also have arrangements to hold conference and meetings. A rating system with one to five stars has been introduced as a mark of comparison for hotels.

Differences in terms of:

  • Villas - A villa can give you much more privacy than a hotel. Nothing hammers that sensation that while you peek on your window to look for the view, you feel as if you own the whole island. Because of their strategic locations, you can have either access to their sophisticated neighborhood with an outstanding choice of international dining alternatives, stylish boutiques and galleries lining the main streets, and the glorious beach or seclusion on a hillside, where you can have freedom to do anything that your heart desires.
  • Hotels – Though they could offer privacy as well, usually walls or screens of plants on either side of your view are the ones that welcome you.

  • Villas – In villas, you could either have a chef prepare the food for you. There are also nearby restaurants in the neighborhood where you may dine in and enjoy their delicacies. The advantage about a villa when it comes to food is that you are open to a lot more options – more like a buffet style. Again, you can have more freedom to explore and enjoy for your palette.
  • Hotels - Villas and hotels are about even on food. Wherever you stay, you will want to visit many restaurants spread across the island. If you stay in a hotel, you'll have at least one restaurant that is right there which is an advantage however, it seems taut to eat.

Both hotels and villas have a wide variety of interiors.
  • Villas - They invariably feature a swimming pool, sun deck, semi-open living environment, fully equipped kitchen, exclusive bathroom facilities, and air-conditioned bedroom which generally have more space than hotel do.
  • Hotels – They offer a swimming pool, fitness room, flat screen TV, air conditioning, high speed internet, and a telephone. Daily maid service is generally provided.

Price and Value
  • Villas - They are cost effective holiday options for families with children or a romantic sanctuary for couples and honeymooners. They are also less expensive than hotels of comparable quality.
  • Hotels – They are quite expensive that’s why they are better off for renting in a short duration.

These are the significant differences of villas vs. hotels. As you consider the choices for your holiday escapade, remember that both are good options. You can either rent a villa for a week or stay in a hotel in the city for a couple of days for that combined experience.

Author Bio: Mitchell Zavich Zunia is a native of Pennsylvania, and had graduated at Robert Morris University with a degree in International Studies. She is a field photographer for a high- flying publication in Pittsburgh. Also, she’s the online content coordinator for You may follow her on Twitter @MitchellZunia

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