Fontana dell'Ovato or Fontana at Tivoli

Fontana dell'Ovato or Fontana at Tivoli is one of the most beautiful fountain which is owned by Italy. This fountain is located at the Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy. This fountain empties into the pond and then into the egg-shaped pool that is made in nymphaeum rusty. The design is created by Pirro Ligorio. And the whole Villa designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 for its architectural beauty.

Villa itself surrounds three sides of a page that sixteenth-century Benedictine monastery located in the former. The fountain in the side wall, framed in a Doric, contains a statue of the nymph asleep in a cave guarded by d'Este heraldic eagles, with-relief framed in apple branch that connects the villa to the Garden of Hesperides. The main entrance leads into the center of Appartamento Vecchio ("Old Apartment") is made for Ippolito d'Este, with a vaulted ceiling frescoed in secular allegories by Livio Agresti and his students, centered on a large sala, with spectacular views to the main axis garden, which fell in a series of terraces.

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