Garden Tasik Prime or the Lake Garden

Garden Tasik Prime or the Lake Garden is an attraction park covering an area of ​​104 ha located in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the garden of England heritage that has existed since 1880, this air-visitors can picnic, jogging, rowing boat on the artificial lake or just walk to enjoy the shady trees.

 In this park there are several places worth visiting are:
* Bird Park, which have a size of 21 acres so it is often rumored as the world's largest bird's nest. Bird Park is also home to 3000 birds of 200 species of birds both local and foreign.
* Or the Orchid Garden Orchid Garden 1 ha, which is located just across from Bird Park.
* National Planetarium, which in the main hall there are various exhibits are quite interesting, we can see Arianne IV rocket engines, playing in the blackhole, sitting in the cockpit of space shuttle and to use or simulate some of the equipment space.
* Butterfly Park, where you can see and learn about butterflies up close. Here there are about 6000 butterflies of about 120 species and 15,000 species of plants as a place of his butterfly.
* Deer Park, where you can see deer roaming freely.

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